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Runner Books

Running books I have read so far in order of the ones I enjoyed best. Along with my review and rating. Before I present the books, I'd like to advise something. When it comes to reading for a topic, like running or writing, read as much as you want. But don't continue if you absolutely cant, but if you can do so, you will always find you have learnt something new!

Whalley, Boff- Run Wild

This book was inspiring. It had passion and made me want to rediscover the world and nature!
What I learnt:
How to be inspired by nature when running, weaning myself off listening to music while running. Running doesn't have to be about being fast, its about enjoying it.
-Easy to read
- Nice anecdotes
- Philosophical
-May not suit people who like running marathons
- As he enjoys running wild, he is bias when it comes to marathons, in that he dislikes it. He did a fair job not completely insulting it but some people may not like that he believes wild running to be above runni…
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Running Free

So as you know I've been reading more running books, and since reading a particular book my whole perception of running has completely changed. Before I introduce the infamous book let me give you a brief background on the books I have been reading so far. I've been training for the half marathon and in preparation I have been reading running, tips, memoirs, how-to-guides and in this search I have read many running journeys, to which I am very grateful for, I have learnt so much about the struggle many people have gone through, making me feel a part of a community in some sense as I can relate to some of these struggles.

Recently I read a book titled Run Wild, I had no idea it would be so different from the running books I have read. He spoke of running free, surrounded by nature, and he made me think about the purpose of running. What is running for you if it limits and confines you by times/distances? At first I thought well, it disciplines you, I suppose, and if I'm bei…


My life has took a turn, one I didn't expect. If I'm honest, like anyone would, I expected my life would just get worse. But it didn't, and that's because instead of wallowing in my own misery I decided to take charge. It wasn't easy, I didn't even consciously realise I was taking charge.  All I knew was, I was running. I was running, I was exercising more and trying to lose weight. I was working on being happier and more grateful in life, then I took more interest in my health and I started waking up earlier. I recommend an app to help you wake up earlier. I use two but I don't know if both of them are necessary one analyses my sleep pattern to wake me up when I am in my lowest REM cycle so I am not super tired when I wake up, this one is called Sleep Cycle. The second one is called I Can't Wake Up! Free this app sets you tasks to do when the alarm goes off and the alarm doesn't stop until you complete them, there's a number of tasks you can se…

Book Picking

Hello, I know it's been long. Throw the rotten apples my way, I'll glad take it.

Ow, not that hard!
Anyway now that we are even. I wanted to let you all know what I've been up to.
Yes, I have been up to things, not just sitting around watching korean dramas 
(Although I did finish cheese in the trap about a month ago, hella good for any kdrama lovers out there! )
Moving swiftly on, I have a few blog posts coming your way one of which will be an updated review guide to running books, I have been reading a lot more running books so I have a list (which is ongoing any recommendations are greatly appreciated!) 

Also I have an updated running journey post coming up and I think you'll all love this one, an updated life post, because things have changed since last we spoke. Things have gotten better in case you can't tell. 

I am so much more happier, and at peace. I want to move forward in life, and not look back. Yes I will put up the awaited post of my brief encounter with mar…

Barefoot basics

Today I tried out barefoot running it was definitely an experience! I could really feel my feet doing the work and I quite liked feeling my feet hit the ground. I didn't have any injuries or much pain than usual. My muscles were a bit sore like normal.

You can buy a similar pair from sports direct any sort of aqua shoes should be enough protection for your feet.
These are the hot tuna pair I think my sister bought them for a few pounds I don't remember.

-you can feel your feet hitting the ground which feels kinda nice
-you can get used to it quite easily
-very lightweight on your feet

-you have to work a bit harder because your feet are doing alot of work your feet get tired more easily
-you can feel the ground when you're walking when you're running it doesn't really matter

I borrowed my sisters hot tuna aqua shoes. Hot tuna usually do sports gear for water sports. The ones I wore are a cheaper alternative to Vibrams. Vibrams are a bit more on the expe…

Sweating clothes

I bought some new running gear because it's always good to look the part. I bought one jacket, trainers, a running belt, a hat and a sports bra. Firstly I'll start with the thing I loved the most. I love the running shoes. Before I bought them I researched what would be best for me, as I tend to run on pavements and the brand of shoe I would be buying, I needed a good pair of trainers that were decently priced. I ended up buying the Saucony Swerve.

It was £44.99 originally £89.99 which is a normal price for trainers. Pros:
-feels comfortable on the feet
-has seriously helped with my shin splits and ankle injuries
-feet feel lightweight P. S that's why I invested in running shoes because mine were too small for running and they were quite tough to run in which caused me alot of pain. When buying running shoes always buy a bigger size as your feet will swell.  But in another post I'll talk about minimal running shoes which is called barefoot running. Cons
-it's …

Message to Books

Reading has always been a huge part of my life from when I was young to now. It has healed, it has provided comfort, cured boredom and loneliness, it has been my oldest friend.

When I was in year 9 I signed up to Carnegie and I started reading more, then I joined book of book awards and unpublished book reviewing and then I joined more. And my weeks were filled with running home changing and making myself a nice plate of chips to sit down and read with. I finished four books usually in a week and I would review them for the clubs. I was the first one to complete my reviews and I often got certificates and awards for reading the most, reviewing the most, my life was about reading.

It wasn't because I loved reading to begin with, that happened later. I initially started because I was lonely. I didn't have many friends, this was because I was quite headstrong and bossy at the age of 12/13 which caused me to lose lots of friends, this experience humbled me however and made me intr…