Monday, 17 June 2013

Stopping Time.

Assalaamualaikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

 You know those times, when you feel like you're are losing yourself, in this western world. Although we want to be modest, yet adapted to society, we dont want to lose ourselves-our deen in this world, because ultimately we are living for the Akhirah. I know, I feel like I lose myself, I get confused, angry, and annoyed with myself for not being a better person, not using my time properly & a lot more. This discussion inshaAllah that I will do whenever I feel like talking is meant to help you (and me ;) ) with worries, confusion, and struggles. I know I waste time, sometimes I think fashion blogging is a bit time-consuming, and time-wasting, but then we should think about our intentions. I would like other people, to be more open to Abaya, or Hijab, but if they are not. Then that's fine. But ultimately I do it, because it's fun. Its a hobby. I like taking pictures. I would say I am more into photographs than fashion. Below is a video from Productive Muslim. Its a reminder to us all I guess.

Productive Muslim is really good, and really helpful. Alhamdulilah, we have so much resources available to us now, its great! I think, we all (including me) need to really reflect on ourselves and who we are. Its fine, to be into fashion, but I think we all get a bit obsessed with things, (like me) inshaAllah we should try to concentrate on what's important. 

Ibn Al Qayyim says: "Wasting time is worse than death because death seperates you from this world whereas wasting time seperates you from Allah" 

AllahuAkbar! From Mufti Menks videos, that I have failed to acknowledge, he said that every thing you read, or come across, is for a reason. It's no coincidence, sisters, if you have read this, Allah wanted you to read it, maybe its a message to you. SubhanAllah, that is the mighty power of Allah (SWT) he can portray messages anyway he wants.

After thinking, sisters, this blog is no longer going to be a fashion blog. It will be a discussion on, my views, on topics in Islam, the news, books etc.Things that matter, not that fashion doesn't matter, it does, but not that much. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. 

We all have wavering faith sisters, but it's okay to fall, and stumble, and trip, and get hurt, because it doesn't matter, those experiences make us who we are, they build us. From Philosophy class, empiricism says that the mind is a tabula rasa, that is built up by our experiences in the world which is true!

Ultimately we all need to go through bad times, to appreciate the good times! It's like never knowing good, if you never knew bad. If you understand me. I think, we all need to take a breather. Realise why are we here. Lastly who are we trying to please? Allah (SWT)
I found this on 

Once a woman was searching for her child and when she found him, she took hold of him, pressed him against her chest and gave him her breast to nurse him. Allah's Messenger Muhammad(saw) saw her and asked his companions: "Do you think this woman would ever afford to throw her child in the fire? They said: "By Allah, so far as it is in her power, she would never throw her child in the fire. Thereupon Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: 'Allah is more Merciful to his believing servants than this woman is to her child.'
(Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Book 73, Number 28)

That makes me want to cry, seriously. Just think Allah loves us so much! Allah wants us to go Heaven, but its up to us, Right? So we need to utilize our time. InshaAllah sisters, we all keep on the straight path, and imrpove every day (including me).

JazakAllah Khairan :)

P.S I am not an Aalimah or anyone is who claiming to be anyone other than a regular teenager trying to be a better muslim, so not hatess  :)

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