Friday, 25 October 2013

Painful Love

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Todays post was inspired by a conversation between me and my sister. She is starting her own blog, congrats to her! :) She spoke about the topic of love which led me to question my thoughts on love.

What do I believe love is? What is love? How is love related to Islam? Well love can be seen as a force, an overwhelming feeling that overrides our thoughts and actions. People say love is a drug and it becomes addictive. Which is true, literally. I see the raised eyebrows and rolling eyes but hold it because its true. Scientifically when you fall in love, im talking the giddy youthful love; butterflies, heart pacing yada yada. Your brain produces dopamine which is a drug that has a similar effect to cocaine. Fascinating right?

Despite this the strongest most powerful love that ceases to exist is between us and Allah.This is because the love that is shared between your Lord and you is spiritual and much more grappling. The almighty created us and we as Ihsaan have a natural pull towards Him. The sweetness of Ibadah and tawaqqul is the precious gem in the widest river. You will see in time the peace in one's heart can only be attained through worship there is nothing in the world that will calm you more than your faith in Allah. Thats why you see those celebrities that are morally sick, have no faith in their Lord, end up in a hotel, overdosed. They have no comfort no matter how far they search they won't find happiness, lust, drugs, and endless materialism corrupts the soul: blackens the core and slowly erodes it eventually leading to depression and suicide.

This is why we should continue to strengthen the bond between us and Allah. Not to mention other muslims. Allah (SWT) put love and mercy in our hearts so that we may be dutiful towards our parents and spouses. The bond between a mother and child is innate. We develop a strong bond with our mothers and throughout our lives we dependent on them therefore it is important to appreciate all that we given and help our parents.

The most important love after Allah and our parents is our spouses. Allah looks at a married couple with mercy when they look at eachother in happiness, subhanAllah we get reward from a simple action. This is why you should always cool our arguments down and forgive for Allah. Apologising to your spouse even if it's not your fault will be rewarded as you are doing it dor Allah.Loving for the sake of Allah increases our love and the purpose of it too. When we make friendships we should do base it on our love for Allah i.e does this person remind me of Allah and Islam. Friendships are not meant to distract you for your purpose so InshaAllah bear this in mind.

This was fairly brief and I know I could waffle on and on. But for now that's all I'll say. So take care :)


Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Starry Night

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Beautiful way to begin a day, actually every day is pray Fajr. InshaAllah you all have the means to do this and if not here are some tips on how to wake up for Fajr:
-keep wudhu the night before(angels surround you if you have wudhu making it easier for you to wake up)
-Read some Qur'an before going to bed(so your mind is focused)
-Make a niyyah(intention) so InshaAllah you will be able to do it!
-Go to sleep early!(a common reason people fail to pray Fajr is because they are too tired from last nights partying ;) )
-Set an alarm atleast an hour or so before sunrise (so you have time to be slow)

These are some tips I like to use and it usually helps me. InshaAllah if you are struggling try your best! Next read the waking up dua

Feel it in your heart. Say it with meaning. You are praising the Almighty for letting you be alive, to begin afresh. Anything bad you did yesterday can be erased through repentence today and good deeds. Then have breakfast! Do it! And make sure you say Bismillah before eating! Then make sure your phone is charged or get a good Islamic book with you! You are going to listen to a lecture on your way to college/work! Its really refreshing to be reminded of the Dunya and its insignificance therefore we should constantly remind ourselves with good words and utilize our time InshaAllah. Check out for more tips on how to use your time!
P.s when going downstairs sat SubhanAllah and when going up say AllahuAkbar!
Also before you leave your house say the dua and Ayat kursi three times. This is for protection.

Ayat kursi :

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Allahu la illaha illa hu Wal Hayyul Qayyum La te huzuhu sinetun wala nawmun Lahu ma fissemawati wa ma fil'ardi Men thallathiy yeshfe'u indehu illa biznih Ya'lemu ma beyne eydiyhim wa ma halfehum wa la yuhiytune bishey'in min ilmihi illa bima sha-a wasia kursiyyuhu semavati wal'ard Wa la yeuduhu hifzuhuma wa hu wal aliy ul aziym

Leaving dua:
Bismillahi Tawakaltu Alla Alla La Hawla WaLa Kuwatta Illa Billah Alyil Azim

Keep your gaze low and avoid places that are filled with guys(i think this applies to colleges!) once you are in your workplace/college do what you are there to do. But try and say 'astaghfirullah' when you have time, which means Oh Allah forgive me of my sins, as ihsaan we should always repent so inshaAllah try this. Also try to say Alhamdulilah (praise be to Allah), SubhanAllah(all glory be to Allah) and AllahuAkbar(Allah is the greatest)

Next befor Zuhr try and pray Duha. Now for you sisters who have no clue what Duha is let me tell you!

1139. Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: My Khalil (the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)) directed me to fast three days of each month, and to observe two Rak`ah Duha (optional prayer) at forenoon, and to perform the Witr prayer before going to bed. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Its 2Rakats but can be up to 6rakats.

This means its a Sunnah but we should try to adher to it because it is beneficial! Also try to Read Qur'an after this or even after your Zuhr prayer. Ok so at the end of your long day remember everything you have done and why, it is sometimes useful to reflect maybe on your way home what you have done good today and what needs improvement?

When coming home read Ayat kursi again and remember to say Bismillah when entering your home :)

Let us always remind ourselves of our purpose and not digress InshaAllah. Apart from that a good day needs a good attitude. If one bad thing happens dont let it ruin your whole mood :)


Monday, 14 October 2013


Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Sisters, today I find myself addressing age old issues that will always be spoken of no matter what. This is because this topic is so detailed that it requires a huge amount of discussion amongst scholars as well among us.

Whats the topic, you say? Well let me begin first, with why I am writing about this. Today in class, we were moved around and I ended up being in a group full of boys. Somehow I always find myself in such situations. This brought me to think about how sisters everywhere that go to mixed colleges, schools, workplaces have to experience this! Which made me think (like I do) and it led me to write this post.

Well as I have made it pretty obvious the topic is freemixing or "socialising". But its not in a broad sense its inside the classroom/workplace. We know at some point we have to work with the opposite gender, but when does it start and when does it stop? By this I mean, how much "mixing" does there need to be?

I know some scholars say mixed colleges is abig no no. But its up to you ultimately.( I sincerely wished I had gone girls college) It has not been deemed haram but it's advisable to try and stay away from it because it can create alot of fitnah. If you do go to a mixed college or workplace I understand completely you do have to talk to guys.

Nobody is saying you need to become best buddies with every guy inorder to "socialise" or do your work because honestly thats not needed. I understand that it's difficult to draw boundaries but one way that might help is this. Think to yourself everytime you talk to a guy for work, 'are these personal questions that aren't related to the work?', 'did I need to mention that'?

Often freemixing or dating begins in the classroom because we are in concentrated areas day in day out, its natural feelings will develop. But what you need to remind yourself is that the classroom is for working not freemixing. Let us all questions our motives and actions and the necessity of what we do. You dont have to be on your guard all the time just bear in mind a few things and try not to get carried away InshaAllah.

Also sisters if you feel you have socialised too much with guys in the classroom/workplace just start slowly stopping inappropriate talk. Try to keep it work based only.

InshaAllah this was beneficial. I am not perfect so if I have offended you please forgive me. This is reminder to myself first then yous :)


Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
As a fellow human being I can say that I have had my fair share of bad experiences. Experiences which I regret and wish never happened. But the past is a memory that can only be recollected in our thoughts and not in the present because the past is untainted so our future can be recreated. Nice quote thing there huh? Well the reason I speak of this sisters is because everyone has a past, that lurks around them like a lingering smell.

The thing is we should realise by now, Islam is the air freshner that will make us not only relieved but our noses happier. We all make mistakes and that's no reason why we should be held down by them, it's a mistake not a representation of who you are. We know that repentence allows us to redeem ourselves and by the will of Allah(SWT) we can start afresh, a new page in our books InshaAllah.

The real issue at hand sisters, is when we acknowledge our mistakes and can repent but judge others for their mistakes/sins. Noones perfect. Lemme begin with brothers/sisters who aren't so practicing, they are journeying through life, and have not yet found the true essence of Islam so therefore we have no right to judge 1) because we are slaves to Allah(SWT) 2) because everyone has their own jihad. Judging can be... Omg she wore scarf one day then next she took it off...Sister, whatever she did is between her and Allah(SWT). Yes advising is fine, but please think about the way you say something it can offend sisters. This goes for brothers aswell. For instance, What? He prayed one day then next minute hes chilling with girls. Just think about this for one moment, if it was you who had done this(boy or girl scenario) and people started judging you, would you feel inclined to ever go towards Islam again? Wouldnt you feel as though you get judged every moment and that there'd be no point?

It's important to remember this sisters as we all forget. Dont judge others because they sin differently. (i think thats from How I Met Your Mother) next I wanted to discuss practicing sisters and brothers. Lets not forget that we all are striving for Jannah and the closer we get the harder trials we face. So when a practicing sis makes a mistake don't judge her and start making assumptions that shes no longer 'practicing' or shes a hypocrite. Lets assume she's trying like all of us. Noones going to make it through life with no scratches.

Even if a person is unbelievably holy they can still make errors so bear that in mind. We are not here to judge others, remember our purpose do not digress. :)

Also please remember sisters, I am not perfect by any means so whatever I say is a reminder to myself first then to yous.


Saturday, 5 October 2013


Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, So Y'all today I was thinking, you know really thinking, and I realised I am not good with commitments. But I am trying to be and this is what I have come up with. The key is forcing yourself to go ahead with it, now sisters I am not talking about forcing yourself into marriage or things you DONT want to do, you shouldn't burden yourself. Im talking about things you WANT to do but may get scared or lack confidence to complete. For instance you hate one of your classes, but the teacher is really good and the class is alright, the real problem is you dont have any fun. You should force yourself to stay on, life is not always about fun!

So moving on to the real topic at hand. How this relates to Islam. When we want to pray Tahajjud or do Sunnah fasts, we often get that voice saying "its too hard", "what about school tomorrow?" ...problems pile up faster than you count. Lets remind ourselves that the key to getting things done is motivation and determination along with a pure intention. And not to mention Shaytaan spreading his little whispers around.

Forget the "problems" but the rewards! And remember anything you want to do you can! Nooone is stopping you! Another tip, tell yourself 'let me just try it out this once, if its too hard I wont do it, just once' normally this helps me.
Its not always easy to do an act and continue with it so dont burden yourself with the thought that once you've done it you have to maintain it every day, you could do it every Friday or even every month, whenever. Just try and be consistent. The consistent acts are most beloved to Allah(SWT) (sorry there's a hadith about that but I don't have time right now) Just dont stress out too much.

Okay so I hope that helped sisters!


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Walking on Clouds

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I find sisters, that my best,most captivating writing is in the spur of the moment. So I will try, as I have downloaded Blogger on my Android, to do just that. Well today's random writing is about Reclaiming your lost identity. Wow sounds like a cool book or something... Well it's not it just kinda popped into my head, just now infact. What do I mean by reclaiming? Well I mean to find what was yours. It belonged to you but you might have lost it. Now I think im talking in riddles so let me explain.

When you go through a rough patch, a hard year, a toughie...things get ugly. You feel drained not only physically but spiritually aswell. Sometimes religion doesn't always seem like a viable route. Thats when we lose our identities. It happens, not everyone feels they can turn to turn to Allah (SWT) in times of difficulty but this is so far from the truth, its laughable. Really, it is. You wanna know why? Because if there's anyone*anything* that could help you through this rough time, its Allah (SWT) sisters.

Sometimes we give up on religion. Its the truth. And im saying it because it happens. Sometimes we think there's nothing that will help us in our pain. So we resort to sin to have temporary pleasures to take away the pain. This changes our very beings, who we are and what others see us as. But... why have temporary pleasure when you could have eternal peace? Weigh the scales sisters. You will see that one pound is nothing to hundred pounds.

Everyone makes mistakes but dont think that one mistake is the justification for another. You always have the ability to turn to Allah(SWT) Never think that you can't, because every moment your alive is an opportunity to change. Dont allow yourself to lose who you were because of hardship. Dont you remember our beloved rasool(saw) and his hardships? Or the other beloved prophets? A hardship is means for you to gain closeness with the almighty not a means to distance yourself.

If you allow yourself to fall into sin, your identity fades. Your purpose fades. Whats the meaning to everything you do? Your identity is being a muslim. And if you lose it you've lost the precious pearl in the best oyster. We are all muslim and we are in this dunya together so forget seeing hardships as torture to your life, think about the rewards and pleasures of the akhira, not to mention the fact Allah(SWT) is testing you because he loves you. :)

Oh my beautiful sisters I hope you are all in the highest of emaan and best of health. If there are sisters going through difficult times, remain steadfast. Good things come to those are patient. InshaAllah we can all adhere to this. Also we should all InshaAllah pray that if we are ever to face hardship that we remain strong and never lose hope in Allah (SWT) because life is unexpectable so anything could happen.

Hope this was beneficial.