Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My Journey in Life

(This is a personal post so if you would like to refrain from reading please do so! Keep tuned for next post!)

When I was 13 I made a decision to not swear ever again (or the least I could) this was after Ramadan and I stuck to my promise. After I did that, I changed as a person, it made me think about how I acted and what I was like. Then by 15 I had changed from that young girl who was rude, obnoxious and down right an unpleasant person to be around. At the time I thought I had overcome a big hurdle in my life, I had changed as a person, but now in my life I realise that was barely a feather in my journey.

To think when I was in secondary school, the biggest, most exciting thing for me, was college. That's what I looked forward to. I thought about it, for a while, and I don't think stopping that younger me would have helped me. I needed to see what the world was really like. 

When I entered college for the first time. Everything was new to me, and everything was exciting. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I was open to experiences. Those experiences destroyed me at the time, but now I can see how they helped to let me grow.  

I want to say that what I know now, I wish I knew before. But that would be silly wouldn't it? I'd never really know would I? Though for me emotional pain rests in my heart like a dull ache, I don't wish it away. It's not to never live life, but to know what will happen. And how prepared you are to stake your emotions. 

After my first year of college, again I thought I knew a lot. I thought I had seen the world. I understand when people say 'you're so young' and look with that knowing eye, but I don't say that to others young than me, because it's as though I'm saying I know the world and what will happen, and I won't be in the same position you will find yourself in a lot, but that's not true. I will, most likely. And I won't always act the way you might. 

There was one event in my life that shook my whole world. I always thought love was the worst pain, and maybe it is to my brain, but to my soul, it's the neglection of faith and selflessness. When this event happened I wanted to escape and I took every opportunity I could. Yes it was selfish. Yes it was greedy. Yes I hated myself for it.

I even wanted to live my life as wildly as I could, which brought me to another drama in my life. At first I had no idea what was going on. But when I did, it broke me. Broke me harder than I ever imagined. People sometimes say I'm strong. But I'm not. I'm weak and I know it. But I want to be strong. I want to stand up and be confidant in myself. I have this idea of what I want to be like. When I'm not that person I'm not vacant. I act in a way that's untrue to myself. I go berserk. And I can't function properly. I act selfish and greedy, and rude. I lock myself away and care about myself only. I neglect my duties. 

So often I wonder how others can function. It gets to me all the time. How do they work? How do they live life happily? How are people nice? It's the biggest math problem to me. I watched a Korean drama over the last few days. And I realised a lot. I often try and live my life through dramas instead of living my life. I prefer the fantasy rather than reality. I get dissatisfied with how my life is nothing like a drama.

A lack of knowledge. Ignorance. I know. My friend helped me, she helped to identify what was wrong with me, she's my spiritual doctor. I realised I became strong after that problem with my heart. Or so I thought. I wanted to be happy with myself. I realised I was strong and independent.

Because we are. This might be unconventional but I'm not conventional so I'll say it. 

You don't need a guy to make yourself feel better, you're strong and beautiful. Everyone has different views of beauty, and theirs should not affect your own. Don't disrespect yourself by changing to meet someone elses view of you. You feel low, trying to change, trying to please a guy. When you should care about family and friends, don't do it to yourself , you're better than that! It's easier said than done, but focusing on yourself and loving yourself is a good way to start.

That's what I believed before, emphasis on 'the self'. I wanted to do things I shouldn't, to make myself feel strong, I advocated the 'rejection of society' but really I was saying I'm not rejected. My friend helped me realised that I was caught up in ideas of freedom, and I'm eternally grateful for her help.

Now I know what was wrong with me, I believed the solution to my heart was to free it but that was not the solution. That only led to disillusionment. Now I realise that speech I woulda given to girls, it is still true but it's also about God. Giving your heart to God. 

Now in my second year at a new college, I gave up. I gave up trying to find something to identify me. And I'm trying to make religion my identity. It's a start. And I know i need to try my best. I will. I will. But first I need to focus on my family. Right now I'm still not there yet. But I can get there. I can.

It seems like it gets harder as I get older, maybe I've changed. Or the experiences have changed me. In any case I bid you all farewell.


Sunday, 7 December 2014


Apologies for delay in posting, been having a struggle within myself. Will post an article soon or something else, please forgive me. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Pollution of ideas

Random poem about the pollution of our so called ideas

I'm chained, and torn, and broken.

I'm cut, and drawn and quartered.

I'm in agony,

Begging and pleading,

Screams to go on leading.

A destruction, at mass,

Holds the ball from falling.

Inside of me,

I knead

But it's greed -y

It won't leave me, I shout

But I can't get out,

Myself is at war.

The battle of my ideas

Fighting for more

Which one stands?

Did I backhand, the

One that fed me,

And led me

To my destruction

It was my idea, that was my downfall

To plead inside,

To scratch the wall

Built so high

Far and wide 

I cannot run

For my ideas have just begun.

Though I stand still,

I cannot hear it's run. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Salah Race

Assalamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

So I came across a problem on Yahoo about the issue of Salah and finding it hard to be consistent despite being God conscious and feeling guilty. Its often hard for us to advise such people as it usually quite different for each individual due to the reasons or background behind it. However when I read this problem surprisingly I had advise, recently as you know I ran out of advise but wahay looks like I am back!

It's hard, it's hard to be consistent, I know I do. When I was young I used to question Salah also, i honestly believe it requires understanding and interest. You need to be interested in understanding and taking in board what the reality is. I've learnt with my sister, I need to educate her before telling her to do something, otherwise it's meaningless for her, maybe not for me, but who am I helping in that situation?

So anyway that being said, I'd like to introduce my first tip. NOTE: I do not advise listening to YouTube videos this only creates a Emaan Boost/hype and is not sustainable, you yourself need to understand it you need to love it yourself like an academic subject you learn and properly apply it, you also need to do this with Islam, it's not something you stare at on a screen. I also do not advise you to rush into any of these steps, take your time and slowly apply, do not rush yourself. 

DISCLAIMER: These steps may be easier to achieve for someone who's just beginning to practise but someone who's already practising but has taken a dip may find it harder. In this case all these steps should be taken but first ones mentality needs to be revisited too. This means addressing the causes of this state, what led you to stop praying (a problem in your life, depression...etc) fix that problem with the relevant islamic solution. Then do these steps. 

1)You must be willing to put every effort into trying your best. You must try everything you can. Do you want to change? You may not see the effect straight away but you need to bear patience if you are sincere and trying inshaAllah everything will work out. 

"When my servant takes one step towards Me, I take ten steps towards him. When my servant comes walking towards me, I come running towards him.” Hadith Qudsi 

If we look at this quote we can see that with every effort and struggle we are becoming closer to God, we may not be able to see it, but Allah knows, and He will help us, but first we must bear patience. You must be consistent do not give up, it's essential you do not lose motivation. 

1.2) Make a intention and dua to Allah (SWT) to help you achieve your goal. Make dua and intention every day (more if you can) so as to remind yourself of your purpose and to motivate yourself. 

1.3) Understand you may fall but you have to keep trying, just keep going, don't worry about the obstacles you can overcome it!

2) You must revisit your understand of salah and it's importance. Somewhere there has been a doubt in your mind or you have not understood it properly. Look at the factual evidences (this will help to reassure your practicality I.e It is a commandment of God and there is no doubt) but also read about the benefits of salah (for your spirituality and well being)

2.1) You should understand Khushoo in salah (not levels of prayer this is not applicable now) what I mean is finding peace and comfort in conversing with God. It is essential you enjoy prayer and take time in prayer. Force yourself if you have to, the fact is you are trying which will inshaAllah be acknowledged by Allah (SWT). 

I will post a superb article on this  from kallahmullah but I will also mention some points of mine.

Be slow, and steady. Rhytmnic. 

Repeat the meaning to yourself after the Arabic verse in your head.

In Sujood make your sincere duas, and just think of Allah. Think.

Any thoughts that enter your head just let them go. Let it go.


3) This is very important. Do not give yourself free time. This does not mean never relaxing, relaxing is fine, but do not allow yourself to be idle. Fill your time with good deeds. This does not always have to be reading Quran or praying it can even be helping your parents or playing with your siblings. 

4) (This is optional I only suggest this because it will benefit you long term but also helps in your salah) Refrain from watching TV, allow yourself to become preoccupied with the daily tasks that are more beneficial. TV can often get us wrapped up in silly things like Tv programmes. Also there is also of fitnah on TV. 

5) Read the Quran whenever you can and look at it's meanings , this is to help you in your everyday life. Prayer, although it is spread out during our day, Islam is not something which we pick up and put away, it's a part of our lives always therefore we must be interested in incorporating in our lives.

6) Try visiting a graveyard, a muslim one of course, and this will bear a reminder of our short time in this Dunya. Just make it regular thing, inshaAllah. The reason I advise this is so you feel scared of death that will make you more conscious of pleasing God and help you in prayer. 

7) Make learning about Islam a part of your life alongside your academic/ secular studies. If you do not have any source of islamic reminder you will obviously find it hard to remind yourself in prayer. Join a circle (they are free!) or islamic course or even do your own learning (but make it consistent every fir or something) 

8) Enter this Ajr Race, haven't you heard? There's a Ajr Race (Ajr meaning rewards) To try your best to get those delicious rewards (Ajr reminds me of Gajar Ka Halwar so that's why I said delicious) first one there wins...Jannah inshaAllah! (With the rest of us who get there too inshaAllah) Honestly it's so much fun seeing it as a race. Try it!

9) Talk to Allah more. If you feel close to God you will naturally want to converse with Him in prayer. Talk about your worries or thank Him whatever you will!

That's all for now, Waslaam.

BTW I'm still reading islamic system by taqiuddin which might take longer to review, but instead of that I might just post what I learn along the way, p.s I got an economics book which I will be discussing soon aswell inshaAllah! AND I have another post coming up about gaining closeness to Allah so keep tuned!! I might do a video on either of those maybe send me a comment about which, please?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Shade upon me

Assalamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I would like to introduce a book/e book to you. It is titled shade of the Quran by sayyid Qutb (rahimullah) It is like a tafseer but not as backed up as Tafseer Ibn Katheer it's more about meanings. Anyway I just started so look at this page. 

 He explores meanings of surah Fatiha and surah Baqara in the first volume. Obviously it is not to be taken 'literally' and we must understand it is his interpretation that being said he is not a lay man, as he has much more knowledge than you and me so therefore he is able to interpretate better than us. 

I had some thoughts but I already wrote it on Instagram so I'm going to show you an image instead. 

I would write my own musings on the verses with reference to Qutbs analogies too, but I feel like an amateur so I'm going to leave it there. This was mainly to introduce to you a new ebook I found! InshaAllah check it out!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Footsteps Of Buddhism

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Today I ...well I'd be lying if I said I read it today, I've been reading it for the past couple of weeks, it's not long, I'm just busy I suppose or preoccupied. Anyhow Buddhism, I always knew was very spiritual but I never knew how similar it was to Islam in some respects. Like often in Buddhas philosophy he would talk about dispelling selfishness and greed and attachment to worldly desires. Look at the image below for further information.

In fact he uses the term 'born' which makes a lot of sense, because when a hateful thought enters your mind, it is like it is being born as it can grow and become bigger in your head until it ...essentially takes over. This is my favourite 'because I foresaw the endless evil and harm that would follow them' we definitely believe that, it is evident in the fact that we do not free mix to prevent fornication, we do not take little bites of hell as it is essentially all of hell and not any sweeter. He uses superb metaphors which highlight the repulse we as Muslims hold for our nafs (greed etc.) 'vomit' is one word he uses which illustrates the point of throwing out the badness in us, allowing our souls to be nourished by the goodness. However though i praise some of Buddhas words I do not believe Buddhism has enough as it central to spirituality and removing personal desires, this in itself will not work as a religion in my humble opinion.

We as humans still need to cater to our human needs, as the Buddha realises when he has starved himself on the brink of death, (his rib cage can be felt)that in everything needs moderation only then can he separate himself from worldly desires. 

It's very interesting reading about the philosophy of Buddhism, I'd suggest you read it too. The prophet (saw) used to meditate in a cave infact, I'm not saying go be a Buddhist and say OM while levitating, no, but what we should gain is an understanding that we need time to reflect and become one with our souls, to allow us to dispel our bad habits and control our nafs.  

Sources: Smedt, de Marc: In The Footsteps Of The Buddha


Treaty of Hudaibiyyah

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Today I wanted to discuss the Treaty Of Hudaibiyah, if you are unaware of what I am talking about inshaAllah this will be useful.

So what I found out from a talk today and also my own research into it, is that there was disputes among the Muslims and the quraysh and eventually for the benefit of the quraysh (as the Muslims time and time again had shown they were peaceful to not only the quraysh but also other non muslim tribes)  they signed a treaty which concluded as follows. (See image) 

So from these terms you may realise they were slightly better for the quraysh than they were for the Muslims, and even some sahabahs were shocked that the prophet (saw) had chosen to sign such a treaty however you may find that in hindsight it benefitted the Muslims largely. Anyhow after this treaty was signed or before it was signed but discussed, Abu Jandal escaped from Makkah but in honouring the treaty the prophet (saw) returned him however he did say '... Allah will provide for you...(a)means of escape.' To which we later see the wisdom as it works out to benefit the Muslims largely. Also the treaty did not include men therefore women were technically exempt from the treat which meant any women migrating to Madinah did not have  to be returned. As well as that the establishment of the peace treaty allowed the prophet to spread dawah this is shown in the fact that 2years after the treaty the prophet (saw) had 10,000 men with which previously he had 1,400 (before the treaty) this not only shows the political pride of the quraysh deterioting but them essentially losing power.

What we see here is a strategic move by the prophet (saw) and although it appeared like a bad decision the outcomes largey helped to propagate Islam and strengthen the islamic state. Lastly we see that those that feld Makkah were not able to seek refuge in Madinah but ultimately they did not have to go back to Makkah so what started off as one man, (Abu Baseer RA) eventually turned into a fair sized colony this led them to effectively intervene in quraysh caravans, so much so that the quraysh begged the prophet (saw) to take them in, which essentially meant they themselves went back on the treaty they had set out. 

This treaty was important due to several reasons, first being it allowed the prophet (saw) the ability to spread Islam effectively without hassle from the quraysh, as well as isolate the Jews from Khabar. It also destroyed the Quraysh image as they were forced to negotiate and allowed public opinion to be spread amongst non muslim tribes. This essentially allowed widespread propaganda of the true message of Islam and brought forth a strengthening for the rise and conquering of the Islamic state. 

Please also inshaAllah watch the cod video explaining the hudaibiyyah treaty (explained very well )which helped me write this article. 

Sources: Mubarakpuri-Al, Rahman-Safiur :Sealed Nectar


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dracula Untold


You may have heard of a new film out in cinemas. 'Dracula untold' is the name, but do you know the actual origins of Dracula and that he was real?

Many will be aware of the new Hollywood film which has been recently released entitled: ‘Dracula Untold’. It might not be well known that, supernatural powers aside, the tale of Dracula is actually based on a real person. Unfortunately however, this film is such a fictitious remake that it speaks volumes about the rise of Islamophobia as well as it does about the West’s attempts to seek to rewrite history by glamourising mass murders whilst peddling the fear of the ‘Muslim invaders’. What follows is a summarised account of the real, well-known history of Dracula...

Read more

 Source: http://www.islam21c.com/islamic-thought/dracula-hollywoods-new-desperate-attack-on-islam/

Sunday, 19 October 2014

News Update

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I am sorry for hardly posting, I have been studying and I have more duties at home now.
Not that it's an excuse, I made this blog so I should be consistent.
I think I'm losing ideas, I'm not as practical anymore, mainly because I've realised not all problems can have solutions from other people..I.e me. There's emotions I've felt and experiences I've been through, though I've recovered. I couldn't honestly say how I got there, and I hate that. I hate that I can't help you, the reader through your struggle. I just don't know if I am in a position to give advice, when I can't even coherently give the advice.

Well I have an idea. I do government and politics right, so we have to discuss the news everyday, so I could give you a news update with an Islamic perspective, while I think of Islamic solutions to your individual problems. Okay so recently there's talk of Conservative and Labour manifestos right, MIlband got slaughtered for missing out the deficit which in fairness Ed balls already mentioned but anyhow now you have Cameron jumping on the bandwagon about EU, which obviously an attempt at decreasing attention for UKIP. Then you have talk of cutting taxes and mansion tax, which might as well be called Zakat because that's what it is, Mili Islam thought of your solutions years ago. 

Anyway though the conservatives make a logical argument, I still don't see how they will reduce the deficit, they may be gunning for Miliband but in reality, them cutting taxes will just make us pay more tax on other things. Though cleverly they haven't mentioned. You musta heard about the Sun Sex Sting in the news right? The MPs got caught up in sending pictures to a fake woman who was actually a Sun journalist. The hilarity of it. We choose these people to run our country. 

That is why you don't get man to rule, because man errs and clearly these men fall far too deep. 
Yet when religion comes into question. No, not possible! The audacity, religion, God who created us. He know how to rule us perfectly? What a question! 

The thing is. In some cases I agree with actions being implemented by MPs, but in general I still see the flaws, those cracks aren't going away, they will just get bigger I'm afraid. Zakat balances the wealth. What doesn't make sense about that? If you don't pay towards the poor how will we ever maintain equality? Honestly it really does show you how much the private businesses control society because it's obvious the mansion tax will never go through what with the political parties being endorsed by these businesses.

Yet people know this, but they choose to remain in the fog, if only you would walk out of the box that limits you , it's just a line on the floor people! Walk over it!

For now, I don't have much else to talk about. Till next time..


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The battle, I face

Though I respond in such a way
I don't feel what I say
It's hard to remove 
This stone
All alone.

That's something I was thinking about right now.
If you understand what it means maybe you feel like that too, so maybe this might help you.
A series of tackling depression, it's easy to think that as Muslims we shouldn't get depressed, after all we have Islam which in itself is the solution to everything. And I don't doubt that for one minute yet I and my pathetic mind are two different entities. Though this may sound contradicting it's actually not, what I mean is my soul understands it but my actual mind does not, it falters to understand how I can get over grief or emptiness through spiritual enlightenment.

Just recently I was reading about Buddhism and the eight fold paths, which I found interesting. I also found some of Buddhas philosophy quite similar to Islam, combatting the nafs is central to Buddhism as in Islam, though Buddhism is heavily spiritual it simply is that and nothing else. Which undoubtedly fails to meet the requirements of our other needs.

This being said, I have found my will to persevere has rapidly changed, whether I knew it or not. I am not the same person I was. I give up easier in religion than I do in academics yet before I gave up with academics rather than religion.

You don't need to give up any, but that's irrelevant to my point, my point is, depression has been with me for while now, let's say about 3/4 months, and at the worst of times I hate everyone and everything, and other times I just feel numb.

I was able to get over things quicker before. To continue being a better person, before. But now I don't know how to. I feel like every time I try. I fail. Which makes me not want to try. I don't justify my depression in any way, I don't believe I'm justified to feel sad, however odd that sounds, I don't have a reason. I believe it to be my nafs, which I combat, or try to.

The pursuit of happiness, once I did, achieve happiness. No longer, it remains. 

Well how am I feeling now? I feel alright, not bad really.
What do I have to complain about. Honestly? I don't know, I don't know. I think it's emptiness as a result of lacking in my deen. The best thing to do, is to distract yourself with duties, be it work or cleaning, don't allow yourself to think about it.

The sad reality of this all, is that I clouded by my own blindness fail to see shaytans plan, his twisting smile, and laughter mocking me, and there God is wanting to embrace me. 

I want to point out something, don't leave all your duties in Islam however much you want to run away from everything, don't. Don't be that person that runs away from your problems, face them. And never ever think you can't rely on God even if you feel like the worst person in the world. Just...don't.

Ok? Just stop. And breathe. Take a minute if you need to, shout, scream. Just don't rush anything, and always, always let logic take over emotions. Never act on impulse. Please.


(Excuse syntax and grammar errors I was writing this in my state of confusion) 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Video: Challenges


Please watch this extremely beneficial video! Although we may accept and want Khilafah we may be unaware of what to expect after iA. I will be posting a book review inshaAllah soon on the Islamic state by taqiuddin an nabhani so keep posted!

I don't know if the video is working so here is the link

(This video has temporarily been removed but will shortly be replaced! bear with me!)


Friday, 19 September 2014


Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Apologies for extreme delay in posting. Just got back into college, what with my revision timetable and cooking, I hardly have time however I will be posting in a few days so keep posted! 


Friday, 29 August 2014

Image: LJ Diary Entry (link inc.)

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Was Barakatuh,

Below is an image from an entry I wrote today, read if you wish :) and you can visit the real thing here elastix86.livejournal.com

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Video:WDTO Islamic Book Review

(This video has temporarily been removed but will shortly be replaced! bear with me!)

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Video: reflection and regret

(This video has temporarily been removed but will shortly be replaced! bear with me!)

Monday, 28 July 2014

My Eid

I used to think Eid was all about fancy new clothes, cool places to go and people to see, but maybe over time our perception of quality of an Eid experience changes, maybe I got wiser or maybe I just finally come to understand how Islam can change persons outlook on life. 

I've been having a hard time with understanding life but alhamdulilah I've come to trust and put my faith in Allah and I plan to record how I did it.

Not that I know a lot but excuse me of my peasant-amateur experiences, today was Eid and alhamdulilah I didn't do a lot, I didn't buy extravagant clothes, or go new places, I didn't even see many people, all I had was my family with me and that was enough, because alhamdulilah you don't need that, Eid isn't about big celebrations it's about celebrating what you already have, and with the right attitude I was able to see that, when I was young I thought Eid was meant to be exciting and dramatic but it's not, it's only as far as what you lead your mind to believe. 

As a Muslim I know I should be happy with everything I have, and understanding I need to be sefless fighting against my nafs, my nafs tried to make me believe this Eid wasn't enough but I fought against it and I saw that Eid was fine the way it is, I just needed to understand what I wanted from life. Did I want excitement? Did I want more than what I had been given? 

The answer was no, I just wanted to be grateful to Allah, and simply being alive I could do that therefore Eid was fulfilled by itself with no other motives or minions and certainly not going to be fulfilled by my Nafs. 


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ask Me A Question

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
Sisters can I ask you something?
Or maybe something more?
Do you love Allah as much as this Dunya?
If you do, then how do you show it?
Are you underlining the words if you do? 
Is your or my love greater than Allah's?
Are you wondering why I am asking these questions everybody knows the answers to?
Do you know the real answer? Or are you confused?
Am I making sense?
Is my voice loud enough?
To be heard.
Or should I be a mouse with no voice?
Where do I go, to find these answers?
Answers and answers
Piling up..
Maybe you can tell me, sis, whats the answer?


Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
A poem on the situation we face today. Note the sarcasm/satire.
Sleeping tonight
In my warm bed
Its easy to forget outside
My window
The shots fired
Im just so tired
Tomorrow I'm raising money
There's no other way
Except to say
Tough luck guys
I wish it wasn't this way
Hey it's not so bad
I heard they get Jannah
Win-win hey?
Plus the UN
And US have tried their best
So we should all take a rest!
At first I was angry too,
But I know they have told Israel to stop
And we all know bosses will stop workers pay
So fair play
US and UK
You did good, and oh yeah
All the arab countries we are so proud to
Have countries
Like you
Running like dogs
After bones
Good on.you!
It turned out great for us all
Maybe not those behind walls
And those dying
And tortured
And crying
And shouting for help
But...that's not seen or heard
So its okay?
I might go to a protest soon
To show support and stuff
Been getting hassle from fans
So might be a chance to.wear my.new ray bans!
How do you like my i-care-about-palestinians ootd?
P.s I am not trying to offend anyone with this its just what I thought.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Caliphate of Al-Baghdadi (In Iraq)

The following is an approximate translation of a statement released by Hay’at al-Shām al-Islāmiyyah, the Islamic Sham Association. It is an independent body that carries out various relief and educational work which also includes a fatwa and research department to issue fatwas concerning Syrian affairs. Its members include a number of Syrian scholars and activists.
The official announcement from the Hay’at al-Shām al-Islāmiyyah of Syrian scholars on the ‘Caliphate’ of al-Baghdadi
All praises are due to Allāh the Lord of the worlds and there exists no enmity except towards the oppressors. May peace and blessings be upon Mohammad salla Allāhu ‘alayh wasalam who came with clear truth and may peace and blessings be upon his family, his companions and all of those who follow him until the last day.
Trials and tribulations continue to arrive in succession, afflicting the Muslims until the MuslimUmmah is purified just as the fire removes impurities from Iron. The most recent of these trials is the declaration of a ‘Khilāfah’ or an Islamic Caliphate, announced by al-Baghdadi’s group. This follows the countless wounds afflicted on the people of Syria; killing, Takfīr (accusations of disbelief), intended hindrance of their revolution and Jihād and breaking apart their unity.
We never thought that such a hollow and void claim would require a public statement in response, but al-Baghdadi’s group have mastered the art of public deception through magnifying their organisation in both status and number and by hijacking the victories of others. This has been exacerbated by the media, portraying the entire revolution as one led by ‘ISIS’ in a general attempt to discredit the sincere Mujāhidīn... Read more 
- Taken from Islam21c, MashaAllah before reading this I was confused, I was not sure what to 
believe. I obviously did not blindly believe what the news reported as I am aware the West does not know the meaning of impartiality or justice, so I got my friends opinions and then alhamdulilah, I found this article which made sense and I knew that this is true. Please read if you are unsure about whether the caliphate is real or not. Very useful MashaAllah :) 


Monday, 14 July 2014

Feed me, Clothe me

There has been an undeniable surge and establishment of fashion in the female muslim community/hijabi fashion. I agree that it is important to take pride in your appearance and being fashionable in itself is not wrong. But wu ju bi fan- too much of anything is not good. We must govern our wants and not let them enslave us. It is okay to wear different colour hijabs, accessorize, put together different outfits or ‘OOTD’s’ etc. However, what I observe today, is hijabi’s becoming prey to consumerism and unfortunately some of us are getting eaten alive.  As muslim women, we are absolutely empowered by the clothing Allah swt has told us to wear, the abaya is a beautiful, loose fitted piece of clothing which is not only timeless, but resists any sort of ‘look’ other than the look of a muslim. It is comfortable and can wash with any occasion. There is such a beauty and a grace in the abaya and hijab that no other piece of clothing can match for a muslimah.

We must resist the consumerist society that we live in that preys off of young girls, their insecurities and their hopes and desires to be pretty and successful. Think carefully, do you desire to be viewed as beautiful? Do you feel that being beautiful is a part of success and helps to make you the ideal woman? Whom are you seeking to please? Are you feeding your naffs? Notice that often our desires are our naffs, and our naffs need constant monitoring and controlling. We must remember what Allah swt has instructed for us with regards to clothing and life in general. Taking the prophet, peace be upon him, as an example, he lived so simply, his clothes were always simple yet he was well presented. We have to remember that we are accountable for the rizq, Allah, the Most Generous, has blessed us with. We should identify ourselves as muslim women, who are God fearing and God conscious, first and foremost, and being fashionable must come secondary to this... Read more

-Taken from: http://e-slamicboggle.blogspot.co.uk, regarding fashion.  subhanAllah all of what this sister mentions is very true and sometimes as humans we forget so inshaAllah this shall bear a reminder to us all.


New Blog

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I on reflection have decided I will inform you of a new blog I have created the reason why I was not going to mention it, is because this blog is not so much so focused on Islam,but myself as an individual. It has my philosophical musings and may not be conventional, it won't have Islamic poems or advice or even news related to Islam. It's simply my thoughts and honestly my life, I'm not perfect so what I may say may not always be correct or normal but the reason I created it is to release my thoughts and I felt a blog would be appropriate. You can check it out if you wish, the blogs name is Infinite Vestige. JazakaAllahu Khairan. Here's the link: http://infinitevestige.blogspot.co.uk


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Times of Trouble

Assalaamualikum WaRahmtullahi Wa  Baraktuh, 

Not a usual post but I've been having those movie moments where I've been thinking about who I am and who I've become over this past year and... honestly I've changed. It's not a usual change it's just I've been experiencing new sides to my personality-sounds odd doesn't it? I suppose I always expected myself to be a certain way for a long time but to my surprise I haven't stayed the same, willingly I allowed myself to evolve through experiences I wish I hadn't let get the better of me. 

That's with all of us though isn't it? We fear change , we fear losing ourselves and becoming someone we hate. I've been seeing a lot on the Palestinian crisis on all the social networking sites and alhamdulilah I am glad we are coming together as an ummah. I do believe charty can help to a certain extent but ultimately I don't think that's the problem like the problems I find in myself and the fear I have of losing myself I fear the bigger picture is being lost in the hopes of raising money, the bigger awareness of a situation like Palestine requires an implentation of a an Islamic State one where we have no fear and we, have no injustice uncalled for by our caliph one where wrong is righted and the people who are poor receives their dues collected by a Caliph. (DISCLAIMER: I do not accept or promote the Palestinian flag or any flag, it is simply for the quote)


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Just A Little Cuban Independence

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

So I've been researching US foreign policy and I came across the struggle for Cuban independence. Cuba was originally under Spain's control but Cuba wanted independence and with American assistance they won against Spain in 1898.However Americas kindness and altruistic nature really only comes to surface when they ban the Cuba government from signing treaties with other countries as well as making Cuba their personal little coal and naval station, really America you are too much! 

There was debate among the people despite there being imperialists there was also anti imperialists like Tillman who really did not want to interfere in the Cuban peoples right to govern ( the Teller Amendment) however the one who actually had a bigger say unfortunately felt they weren't capable of self government, I would say I'm surprised at McKinley but then again I'm not even though he, originally did not even want to go to war with Spain, because of his God-fearing, is-this-the-right-thing-to-do mentality undoubtedly became corrupted by his chums. And if that's not worse McKinley also decides America should also govern Philippines. 

What I don't get is, how America actually justifies their imposing actions, like honestly put it under the pretence of "helping" but who are you actually helping when all you do is greedily use the land for yourself? 

This is why it's essential our goals and reasons in life always have a fear of God, because look at McKinley he obviously fell short somewhere if he thinks God would be happy about him trying to take land unjustly. (this being said he may have repented or realised his mistakes, let's hope)

Aswell as that it just makes you think you know, how power can get to your head if we don't think about God, without Taqwa we become selfish and conceited and forget our purpose!

Well that's all I have to say for now, I'll be back soon, oh yeah I've been thinking about doing more posts like articles, I'm not sure if you know but I've always been interested in Journalism so I may start doing my own amateur article stories maybe local stories I don't know, I'll have to see!


source: Reynolds David ;America, Empire of Liberty,

Image source: Google

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fasting in Ramadan

Assalaamualaikum! I was planning on making a lovely poster with tips for fasting but unfortunately being as lazy as I am, I still don't have Microsoft on my laptop so I couldn't make a post, however I did find this!
Taken from: http://brainbytes.org/top-5-healthy-ramadan-fasting-tips/

Happy Fasting!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Freedom of Liberty

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I miss my posts where I would re-read them and think 'that's not too shabby' now more than ever however I find my posts are becoming a diary-of-a-hijabi-wimpy-kid now now don't protest too much now will you!?

I'm sorry if my posts are repetitive I try my best to make them original perhaps I shall be doing more posts on the current history I am studying.

Right now I am doing American History and oh the irony! A country built on the foundations of "freedom" and "liberty" constantly contradicting themselves even before they even started out. Thomas Jefferson the man who set out the Declaration of Independence in 1776 had slaves himself!

The whole history behind America is one of genocide! The New land what new land?! You fools! They began out as 13 British Colonies including Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island (and so on) until the US got into a civil war with Britain and declared Independence they then purchased Louisiana from Napoleon. They then began the wars to take more land (With Mexico) and the treaties with the Native Americans or should I say forcing them out?

Anyhow the America we know today is one which has always been built on corruption, pish posh freedom and democracy the so called founding fathers themselves couldn't do it right what makes you, Obama think you can? He welcomes us Ramadan when he still has the Guantanamo Bay open!

I hate you America! (The leadership not the people)

They made The Bill of Rights to declare citizens with individual rights but when it comes to the justice of muslims I guess they fall short just a bit too much huh? They talk of fair trials and juries but our muslim brothers can't even have trials before being charged, wheres the law in that? Where are you, American? We will find you, hiding in your shame, never  will you be able to destroy the muslim name, so long as we stand side by side, victory we shall attain!


See: Declaration of Independence 1776 (referring to King George III when it says 'he')and Bill of Rights 1791

Additional source notes: Reynolds David ;America, Empire of Liberty,

To my old self

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

To my old self,

I am not angry with you nor am I upset in fact I understand why you acted that way, dont worry it's okay, Im here to stop you going astray. Now I can show you the right way I can correct your mistakes.

There's no need to regret what you did infact we would never have learned from the past without this.

Torn apart it was obvious from the start it was going shaky but we found eachother walking backwards looking for answers and there's no worry anymore.

We can be stronger together, now we understand eachother better. Be strong and hold your head up no matter what anyone thinks!


*This post was inspired by the awesome ImmysAdventures! Please check out her blog it is unbelievably wicked! MashAllah, she has a post called To The Brave I absolutely love it check it out!!*

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Another Talk

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I find that over time we become desensitized. To almost everything if we are not extremely careful. Sometimes words become meaningless and actions lack passion often creating hypocrisy in our hearts.

Sometimes we pretend, to be okay to go through life with all our scars not letting anyone know how we are really feeling- but you should. Tell someone how you feel let it all out.

Otherwise you end up turning to stone, you do honestly. You become resentful with life and forget about everything important. But you can avoid it.

I remember a time when a sister spoke to me and MashAllah she had such taqwa and faith in the Almighty but at the time I didn't and when she spoke I understood her love but I felt a barrier there, one I felt I couldn't access because I didnt have that love so instead I pretended ,I said what I needed to- because if I didn't she would have thought there was something wrong with me.

But to be truthful I would say don't tell everyone how you really feel, tell those you feel comfortable. I know why I did what I did but I didn't know if it was right to discuss my feelings, or my lack of feelings for Islam but I'm telling you sisters it's not haram infact its probably better to! So you can get support from other sisters. Also I would like to say that if any of you sisters find you don't have anyone you feel comfortable talking to, I am always free to talk so feel free to email me. (Elastix86@gmail.com)

Also if my awesome friends agree I may get them to guest post because subhanAllah they have helped me alot! So look out for that! Soon!

Friday, 27 June 2014


Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Today sisters, I wanted to talk about struggling in our faith. We all go through it and I can vouch I've been there in fact I can't say I'm strong in my faith, even now.

I'm going to be honest right now, I've been having issues and up until now I wasn't sure on how to handle it. Well even now I cant say I can handle it properly without fully understanding Islam. Maybe I'm talking to myself but getting caught up in Hollywood and fairytales messes with reality, life is not a movie- it's a test, stop pretending that you are living a dream because you are not.

The thing is after reflecting further I believe the reason why I was dipping in my faith was due to lack of consistency in my faith aswell as a lack of passion.

Sometimes in our lives we go through difficulties and during or maybe after those difficulties it's hard to turn to Islam because the desire to sin helps you to escape reality. You know what's funny? We can come back to Islam even if we are hellbent on rebelling you know why, because some way or another Allah will show you (out of his mercy) that your option won't work, and however you got there you should be grateful because it was only by His will. Even if it hurts to turn away from the sin because it seems like it will bring more pleasure to your heart turn away because true happiness can never be achieved through sin and if you don't desire true happiness then you are fool.

"A clever person identifies the problem a wise person avoids it."

Honestly I needed to write this out purely for the sake of easing my heart.


Monday, 2 June 2014

Just a little reminder

Your only choice is to follow my advice because if you don't you will feel the same, so there's no harm in atleast trying is there? I know sometimes it feels like there's no point and you just feel like saying you want to feel different without doing anything about it, but reality is you can keep doing that and feel more miserable every time you say it or be a force for change and try, like you tried to ride a bicycle or tried to swim- or tried for your exam. Action needs effort aswell as a positive attitude, so come on, get moving!


A thought

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Maybe I feel guilty about this or maybe it's just a passing thought regardless I'd like to make a key point regarding my blog. In reviewing my blog I've come to see that alot of my posts are based on the needs of the muslim individually I don't think this is problematic but I would like to remind you and myself that living in this world and despite my posts about spiritual nutrition I'd like to make clear that we must not get wrapped up in our own problems and delude ourselves into thinking that first we must perfect ourselves before helping others- in no wat would I be advising this. Infact I think its essential to help others while we help ourselves, to be part of a process in where we build this Ummah and strengthen the bond between us to revive Islam fully and to uphold the words of Allah (SWT).

I'd also like to make clear that I myself am still learning and so if I erred please inform me, while I am learning I plan to InshaAllah base my posts on this too.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

So as life has it, I find myself in such predicaments which I end up writing about here-on this blog.  I've actually been planning to write about this for a very long time- and I don't think I plan on going through such experiences just to write on here and advise you all of what not to do, but it so happens that it works out that way so I suppose y'all are some lucky fellows ;) . But this time I am not going to tell you an experience I had infact I am going to take you through a journey and through that journey we will look at how Shaytan tempts us-which may or may not be relatable to any of yous. This scenario is one which I have made up and it is not targeted at anyone. This post is a follow on from Mixing Mayhem.

So you're in class and you get put in a group with girls and guys, and hey that's okay because you know what you have to do and you know that Islamically it's okay for you to talk to guys for work but if you can avoid it you will. So class goes on and you wonder whether it would be best to try involve that guy in the corner who seems left out, and as youre the confident one- why not? Nothing informal, keep it formal. So you talk to him and he seems hesitant, he talks but hardly contributes. You decide to ignore it and continue the work, then you hear him talking but not about the work, infact he's distracting the other group members! This really makes you mad, because now noone is paying attention so you start getting involved in the private conversation only to realise it was a crude joke amongst themselves, things get heated and you argue with the boys. So you start to feel bad a Muslimah wouldn't argue maybe it wasn't good to get angry. But you had every right to be angry...or did you?

Okay sisters, so sometimes its common to argue with the opposite gender purely because they arent participating or we think they aren't participating enough- but we should remain cool and collected because that is what a Muslim would do, no matter how much we believe we are justified, we can tell them to participate in a nice way.

This time you get partnered up with a boy and you and him start talking about work, at first its really formal but then you feel start to relax thinking hes only a class mate, soon as you know it, you two are laughing and now you wonder if he'd ever marry you. You know he would never like you so that makes you think its okay to talk more knowing he'd never feel the same, so you two sit next to eachother and then one day he asks you out, now your stuck a guy you've liked for ages asked you out. You thought its okay to like him becausing liking in Islam is halal - with no action of course, but now you have no idea what to do, because although you love Allah, he seems to love you too. 

Let me just say do not allow yourself to be delusional about this boy. You have to take time to really think this through; if you were to date him, when it ends, how will you face Allah knowing you blatantly disobeyed him? Do not sin in the hope of repenting. Also you need to wake up to reality, okay he may be nice but all guys 'seem nice' this fades and if you dont believe me then believe this, would you ever marry, how long will it take, would your parents approve? Face it sisters this isn't Romeo And Juliet and dating is not a prelude to marriage, it will tear away goodness and all expectations of a pure and healthy marriage. As well as that, dating is unstable theres no real commitment so he can leave whenever he wants and due to this instability you tend to fully emerge yourself into the relationship obsessing and trying your best to make it work, but with marriage there's a contract that can't be ditched as soon as you get bored its real, its serious and you're less likely to be as obsessive because there's no secrets no time lapse as everyone knows about it.

Sometimes its not always him asking you out, sometimes it hasnt even got there yet. Its still in the talking stage- the butterflies in your tummy when you see him, the embarassed blush if he accidentally looks your way. You feel as though life is bliss whenever you see him, nothing can beat being around him. He makes you feel...special.

This isnt ringing ALARM bells but it could still lead to haram. The reason I say this is because yes you can admire, like whoever you want. So long as you don't interact with the person regularly. Doesn't take a genius to work out why thats dangerous. And so on that note I'll end. Any advice you wanna share be my guest :D

P.s ignore the dates on this post and the upcoming posts I dont really get it myself.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Driving Force Within

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

So my exams are finished! (Alhamdulilah) and I've been thinking during the exam period what tends to happen, we often get lazy and then demand change however when we want change we often speak of it more greatly than we actually act upon it. Why is this? I often question this myself because I find myself in such situations where I wonder why my attitude towards life is not always 'upbeat', well first of all, in order to have such an attitude one's mentality must be changed accordingly aswell as instilling a 'corrector'. Lets start off with the attitude to change and life. Changing can be positive when enforced correctly, we must realise that change is good and it should be maintained regularly like in many posts i have mentioned doing contious good deeds. This applies to changing attitudes to life, as I have spoken about in another post we must appreciate Allah (SWT'S) bounties and look at the positives in life. This is easy to say, obviously- so i suggest if you fall short of maintaining these good deeds or attitudes you need a 'corrector'.

A corrector is simple and everyone can install one today.

It is simply reprimanding yourself everytime you think bad of a situation. For example My life sucks because i dont have designer clothes or the latest fashions, you must reprimand yourself and tell yourself, is this going to be taken with me to my grave? Will it help my chances of entering Jannah? Would Allah be pleased with my ungratefulness? It doesnt even have to be a situation, it can even be applied to when you think bad of a person (for whatever reason), or a calamity, or just plain depression. Really whenever you feel like your spirituality is low, you should look to the causes, is it because you want fun? Or friends? Or clothes? --These all need to be corrected, as in we need to think about the bigger things in life, stop getting down about insignificant aspects of your life and start living life! Another tip, is stop feeling sorry for yourself, its hard we all love to play the victim but truth is- we havent got it that bad- so ...get over it. Okay?

Sometimes being all soft and gentle wont help,  its better we face the harsh truth than hide in our lies.

Im sorry I had to be the turkey slap in the face, but its better coming from me isn't it?

P.s ignore the date 17th may on my post I wrote it on the date but I published it today *6th june*

Monday, 12 May 2014

Just An Update

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I will unfortunately be taking a break from posting while I have exams dont worry I'll be back for 6th June InshaAllah! Till then email me if you need anything or even if you are bored.


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Falling (Part 2)

Its funny how life can change in a year, a month, a few days or even a split second.

This concept of time always amazes me, mainly because of how fickle I am I have no understanding of time, I change from one thing to another and although sometimes it's bad, ive come to truly appreciate it in the best of times.

Sometimes I feel as though my world is crumbling okay not sometimes its those rare moments in life where you wonder when will life actually end? It just seems like a constant battle of nafs and you don't want to end up losing- again. It's not always easy to put on thos boxing gloves especially if you can't find them.

Sometimes, I suppose we all get there- when we feel as though we can't fight the urge to give into our sins and we end up sinning. The reality is, when we sin we don't want to be told we are sinning because then it becomes cold hard reality we are going against our Rabb.

We do everything we can to block out our dearest conscience, and yeah for a while we manage, on this temporary pleasure, but then it comes, sisters, that light of truth, it hits us back and we fall stumbling; clutching at the air, and we are falling, falling so hard it feels like there's no ground to catch us and we so badly want something to hit, so atleast we feel that punishment, but we don't its just emptiness. Because now we now we realise the extent of our humility before our Lord.

Then what do we do? We have a feeling of regret, a longing in our soul for comfort from Him. But we feel ashamed to turn to Him. Sisters no matter what we can always come back, always.

First of all, leave that sin, don't ever look back, second concentrate on the bigger better things in life. Your family, your friends, start being a part of their lives, more.

Rectify your sin, whoever it involves asks forgiveness from them then move on. Ask for sincere forgiveness and try to pray Tahajjud

Do good deeds keep doing as much as you can, make it a competition! Try to do as many as you can a day and do more the next day!

Read Qur'an- This is single handedly the best solution in the world. No joke. The Quran is the most comforting book I can ever recommend, it's as though we are listening to the Almighty, to his instruction, it is perfect and trust me tranquility will fill you InshaAllah.

Read the translation aswell to help you understand and bring you back to your purpose my favourites are Surah Qiyamah and Surah Rahman.

Talk to a friend or someone close to you about how you feel let it out. And tell Allah aswell. If you need to cry, cry. Do whatever you need to do.

Don't feel miserable and depressed all the time. Sure you did something bad but we all do! Allah is the most merciful so believe in his mercy. Understand how you fell into sin and take steps to avoid falling into it again.

Understand why that sin would never have helped you, look at why it is forbidden using your own mind.

The truth is, shaytan is one trickster, and he comes from different angles, you have to know he won't stop, so you have to be prepared, don't think because you are practicing you won't sin, we all are able to do so. Therefore we should all be careful InshaAllah.

It's scary how easily we can fall into sin, and the reality is we don't know what could happen in the future who we will be. But look at this way sisters, did you like who you was when you did that sin? Did your family like you? Would Allah approve?

No right? So we must understand that we can control our nafs we just have to fight it. No we can't guarantee our future but we can do our best to avoid minor sinning, like fitnah of the eyes, ears, mouth etc. Preventing yourself from these should help you to be wary of bigger sins, and constantly surround yourself in good company. Lastly this is so important never ever be idle, don't allow Shaytan to mess with you.

If you have nothing to do, do something productive! Or do dhikr! And always question yourself before doing anything you are unsure of ,dont ever feel lonely one) Allah is with you 2) I'm always here to listen :D email meee


Haha. JazakAllahu Khairan for reading and I am by no means perfect so may Allah forgive us all, we await that day when we will be called upon to come back to our Lord.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sock it

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Well first off let me apologise for posting so late and second of all let me congratulate you for being here with me for the first day back to college! Boy sometimes exams really do get the best of you and sometimes the bad of you ;)... That being said the approaching exams have finally hit me hard and I'm now frantically trying to revise as much as I can however fear not people I have already done prior revision it's just my Easter holidays weren't used very wisely...

So recently I've been thinking it over and decided I would do as much as I can to get the best grade I can and naturally it made me wonder why I'm not doing that to get to Jannah Al Firdous.

Then I felt insanely guilty so I decided I would also pursue learning about deen and not letting it become dormant. Let's be honest sisters alot of the time we get so preoccupied with things in our lives that we forget to learn more about our Deen. We can never stop learning no matter how practicing you are you will always learn more in Islam.

That reminds of Surah Al Kahf.

And they found a servant from among Our servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him from Us a [certain] knowledge.

[Surah Al Kahf- 18:65]

SubhanAllah if you read the story of Moosah (AS) and the servant you will find that we will always learn, from eachother- we all have flaws and sometimes we can't even see them but others can and they can help us.

So as I was saying learning about Islam is important if you stop your passion you level of Eeman won't remain consistent we need constant nourishment of our souls in order to better ourselves. One way of bettering our souls is to of course do good deeds, this may sometimes prove difficult with the wrong mindset.

When doing good deeds we must always remind ourselves of the purpose (Allah SWT) and remove seeds of jealousy, anger, hatred and so on. Also we need to do consistently, me being a very fickle person I always jump around from everything and I know better than anyone that while we get an eeman boost from good deeds it doesn't always remain which makes us stop doing the deed which of course we sshouldn't do.

Try talking to yourself and finding out why you don't want to continue the deed, help yourself understand that it is to help you improve as a person, make a firm intention and ask for Allah to help you.

Dont give up Shaytan loves to tempt us and make us doubt ourselves- he may even make you think you are 'trying to be too good'- but don't let him win- you continue doing good deeds and sock it to him!

InshaAllah this was beneficial if not I am sorry.


Friday, 28 March 2014

Outside the colouring lines (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

“And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.” (Al-Baqarah, 2:216)

When I first read that I thought subhanAllah that is amazing, Allah knows us better than ourselves. But it's one thing to read it and say SubhanAllah and it's another to actually take it in and practice it. It's something I've come to realise, when we do things we perhaps shouldnt we get momentary bliss but straight after we feel an emptiness- it's an emptiness I couldn't describe to you without you feeling it.

I mean let's take addiction to chocolate (minor examples are probably are better than big ones in this case) say for some reason we are on a no-chocolate diet, but we keep going back to that delicate, crispy temptation- yet we feel guilty straight after, eventhough at the time we feel like we are walking on air- the delightful aroma filling our noses making us forget all about that 'silly oath', the whispering of Galaxy is enough to make us even forget what we are even doing right now.

So you took another bite despite promising not to, now you feel extremely guilty. Your thinking what was it all for?

It was for that one moment in time that minute, and now it's gone. I suppose its hard to imagine rewards for the future but yet we do it all the time. We revise and study for our exams. We work hard to earn money so we can buy a new car and so on, these all take time and its not instantly rewarded. Yet when it comes to (obviously not chocolate) sinning it's so easy to forget, to struggle, to perservere and to trust what Allah has told us.

Sometimes it might feel as though there is so many boundaries, boundaries you want to go past; I suppose we don't always want to live our lives inside the colouring lines, but those boundaries are so your picture can be perfect so it can look amazing.

If you always coloured outside the lines and it was the best colouring competition, do you think you would win? No right? Our competition is Jannah and doing things we arent meant is only decreasing our chance of achieving our goal.

At the time it's exhilarating colouring outside the lines- makes you feel like a rebel, it's delightfully blissful but when you evaluate your picture i.e our scales we see that it's a mess. It's not fun anymore and that's exactly how it is when we forget Allah and his advice.

We feel regret at our actions but this feeling of worthlessness can be prevented by taking the courage to stop ourselves before we do it. It doesn't have to be a big step small steps are the road to success. You dont become a millionaire over night (Not that it's so great to be one anyway)

Help yourself by reminding yourself of the reason you dont want to sin. Remember Allah, and I can vouch that this is the most hardest thing ever because honestly you literally shut out all thoughts because you don't want to face the truth, but ukhti you have to. Force yourself because I know ukhti you would never sin when you remember Allah InshaAllah.

And if you can't do that do this, every time you do the sin (by compulsion) think about how you feel now, what happiness you feel now after doing it and how Allah sees you.

I'm afraid a step we all need to take is removing denial and rejection. Denial in the sense that we don't even acknowledge that it's bad trying to make it seem okay, no! Accept it, its wrong! Don't reject it's a sin either! And next sincerely repent. Lastly move on, don't keep thinking about that sin trust Allah he will forgive.

And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is severe in penalty. (Al-Maida 5:2)



Monday, 17 March 2014

Who's that? Oh Me

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I have been reading Life Of Pi and despite bad reviews from my friends I actually am enjoying it, I am halfway through and although I can't speak for the full novel yet, the first half is pretty damn good. I suppose the reason why I like it so much is because it raises questions, some books never raise, it goes outside the box.

Yeah people may say some classical literature is highly intellectual and educational and yada yada, all that stuff people say and then try to jam it down other's throats (you know those types, I kid I kid) but to be honest I don't care if its seen to be intellectual or not I like it -I dont read something because it has a good reputation of appearing intellectual I read it because I am interested in new ideas and different perceptions! Maybe you should give it a read, tell me your thoughts. But I should warn you PI's inconsistency to stick to one religion may annoy you so be warned.

So you may be wondering why I have decided to start talking about books all of sudden, but wahey! Hold your horses, I have a point! I think this may relate to one of my other posts but anyhoo, when we read books we read them because of several reasons, whether it is to entertain, to educate, to escape, to impress the list goes on, the reasons all in some inexplicable (perhaps spooky!) way relate to us as individuals.

Me, me and oh yeah me.

I am reading twilight because my friends read it and I don't want to be the odd one out.

Equals= All about me

I am reading Brave New World because people will think I'm smart

Equals= All about me

I am reading What A Week because I hate life and books take me away from my dull dreary life. Boohoo

Equals= All about who? Yes, Me

I understand you can't read a book for selfless reasons because who reads a book for someone else? But I mean do we ever read books in the hopes of attaining valuable Islamic knowledge that we can inform others aswell as acting upon what we learn? We need to take bigger reasons for simple actions, as in something that we do is not simply for the purpose of doing it and passing dunya time, no we do things as Muslims, with purpose for a greater reason and InshaAllah we are rewarded.

This being said it's not like you cant relax one day and just read a book to chill out- I'm talking about the constant, over obsessive nature we have when doing meaningless things. The lack of rememberance of why we do things.

So from my strange examples you may see what I'm edging towards. Yes the concept of individualism, I do this and this for myself. Unsurprisingly all our thoughts or should I say shamefully used to be mine, revovled around myself and how I Feel and how I sad I am. Now I think we all get abit wrapped around our own lives to even think about others, well yes as muslims we may donate here and there and do the odd "helping" but what it comes down to is sincerity. How sincere are we when we think of anyone besides ourselves? Do we place a bigger importance on ourselves or our beloved brothers and sisters, or even our beloved prophet (SAW)?

I think not even I can say I have truly achieved the understanding of selflessness but it's a work in the progress, don't take everything you read to mean go-away-and-immediately-change-or-else-you-may-as-well-not-try!

No we need time, and effort and...sincerity!

You put some money in the bank (okay for those who don't use banks or have one let's say piggy bank) and slowly slowly save up till you have more than you could imagine.

You started off with 1p and now the sight before your eyes you can hardly believe, yes it's the same way that when we put effort to think about others to understand the world doesn't revolve around us, that we InshaAllah will see change.

It doesn't have to be a huge change, it could be watching out for elderly people on the bus so you can offer a seat for them, or offering to open a door for someone. And for those of you who already do these things, stretch yourself! How about walking a marathon for charity? Or offering to do work at home?

That's it for now folks, you have distracted me for long enough, I have work to do unlike some people (you!) which I should be getting on with.

Don't lose hair over this, take your time, absorb it, then release the juices of knowledge to someone next time you see them and prepare to be happy InshaAllah, take care, don't go riding horses till you know how, and let me know how it goes! Peace y'all!


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Washing Away my Thoughts

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Undoubtedly over the past week or so, I have been feeling down. I suppose I should explain a bit more. As a fellow human being I can say, hand on my heart, that I do get down, angry, annoyed and tons of other feelings I suppose we all feel.

Every once in a while, I am not sure about you, but I definitely feel an emptiness somewhere in my soul, if you look far enough, past the wispy grey, and colourful smiles, there's not always a rainbow waiting.

I suppose I too have wondered why? And I have come to a conclusion I believe I have landed at with reflective thinking.

We all as struggling Muslimahs try our best to pray, fast, give charity and so on, but sometimes we dont feel 'good' or an uplifting sensation that I suppose we so passionately desire.

Now at first I thought it may be that I am not doing enough so I tried to doing more, then I thought I am not balancing my spirituality and my social life...but now I've come to realise that it's none of them.

It's so simple. Yes unbelievably simple. I wasn't renewing my intention every time I did the action, this is enables us to question why we do things and the bigger purpose for it.

As well as that we need to develop love for these actions, not 'pretending' we love them. Actually thinking, subhanAllah this is amazing, taking utter care in what we do. Doing it perfectly.

And when we pray absent mindedly we need to stop, clear our brains and just praise Him. Make sure we realise we are praying to Him! The almighty! This is a big, no huge thing, how can we even have the audacity to rush it? Our Creator my sisters.

In relation to thinking about our bigger purpose I have been wondering how many of us know about the great khilafa that we once had? Often we forget that as muslims we should stop and wonder about the world, why things happen and what action we should take to help our Deen. There's an event coming up that I think would be very beneficial for us all. InshaAllah try to attend if you live nearby London.


This year marks 90 years of negligence: it's time to wake up!
Sisters in East London, join us for our first Talk on the day the ummah shook. The slumber is over.

Sunday 2nd March 4:30pm
Limited spaces contact by 2nd March 2pm

Email: sisterscircle@outlook.com
Twitter: @3_3_1924


Saturday, 22 February 2014

It's just You and I walking here

I'm afraid as time silently passed by, my thoughts did too, and thus the reason why I am writing so late. I am not sure whether you are aware, I write stories, teen fiction, but I'm looking to explore other areas, there's just something magical in writing; its like creating a whole new world- one day you can live in a mansion, or on the other side of the world, the possibilities are endless.

In relation to writing, I think all of my posts reflect my thought process, and my version of how I see the world, and if you haven't by some odd reason, realised I have a philosophical outlook. Now the good thing about it is, I dont believe (though others would disagree) that it is hard to think philosophically, I believe we all can do it as we all have brains, and I think once you've read a perspective which thinks a bit deeper, it certainly changes your views (whether you like it or not!)

Originally I was looking to advise (in any way I could I suppose) sisters, like you with problems they may have (which may or not be similar to mine) but over time its become more than that. It's become a beacon of my thoughts and often it helps me unravel my own thoughts, yes that may sound odd, but even I don't understand my thoughts sometimes.


Well moving on to the topic at hand, I have want to share something I have been thinking about.

This is something I have come to realise and to be honest I don't usually share my thoughts but seeing as you and I have become so close, I thought why not?

So sis, can I ask, what gets you through your day/week? Do you feel like it goes by grudgingly and your constantly waiting for something...exciting..?

Because originally I, somewhere in the back of my mind had a 'goal' every day/week whether it was to eat some delicious food or go out with my friends, there was always something I was looking "forward" to.

And shamefully I have come to realise this, is really, quite destructive. You know why? Seeking a small satisfaction or happiness almost undermines the real happiness you should have. For instance I am looking forward to going on holiday, what a week! I need this!! But then your prayers are half hearted you forget your sunnahs and tawaqqul. Instead focus on the amazing holiday but when the holiday is over, you simply look for another "feel good" and unfortunately it continues and inevitably makes you feel discontent and sad, because ultimately you are lacking real happiness.

Happiness in Worship to the Almighty. What I realised is when you look forward to praying, look forward to waking up, just being alive and connecting with Him, you never feel lost in time, or look towards anything, why? Because you are living in the present, not future not even past, you are enjoying what you have.

It is also because one thing we can be sure of, is what we have now, like of this minute I am sitting here writing and Alhamdulilah I can do this. I am blessed to be able to, but if I were to think about what I will write later on. ..oh no what should I write next week? What if I dont get time...and so on I wouldn't enjoy the fact I can do so now and it then if by Allah's will I made to next week there would only be worry and tension and I would not be a grateful Slave at all.

And are we not Slaves to the Almighty, blessed be to have this opportunity? May Allah bless each and every one of you, Ya Ukthi I love you fesabililahi <3 take care.

P.s I want to start a sisters corner, so you gals can throw me problems and I will post them on a page anonymously and give you my advice (bearing in mind I am not an aalimah but I can try to help you, obviously if it is something which requires scholarly advice I can help you find it aswell ;) ) but if you don't want them posted you can tell me and I won't I will just give you my advice instead :) .. You know my email, Elastix86@gmail.com email me if you have a dilemma on your hands, I am always ready to listen! It doesn't have to be a big problem maybe your struggling with faith, or school, or even feeling depressed, nothings "not worth it".