Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Footsteps Of Buddhism

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Today I ...well I'd be lying if I said I read it today, I've been reading it for the past couple of weeks, it's not long, I'm just busy I suppose or preoccupied. Anyhow Buddhism, I always knew was very spiritual but I never knew how similar it was to Islam in some respects. Like often in Buddhas philosophy he would talk about dispelling selfishness and greed and attachment to worldly desires. Look at the image below for further information.

In fact he uses the term 'born' which makes a lot of sense, because when a hateful thought enters your mind, it is like it is being born as it can grow and become bigger in your head until it ...essentially takes over. This is my favourite 'because I foresaw the endless evil and harm that would follow them' we definitely believe that, it is evident in the fact that we do not free mix to prevent fornication, we do not take little bites of hell as it is essentially all of hell and not any sweeter. He uses superb metaphors which highlight the repulse we as Muslims hold for our nafs (greed etc.) 'vomit' is one word he uses which illustrates the point of throwing out the badness in us, allowing our souls to be nourished by the goodness. However though i praise some of Buddhas words I do not believe Buddhism has enough as it central to spirituality and removing personal desires, this in itself will not work as a religion in my humble opinion.

We as humans still need to cater to our human needs, as the Buddha realises when he has starved himself on the brink of death, (his rib cage can be felt)that in everything needs moderation only then can he separate himself from worldly desires. 

It's very interesting reading about the philosophy of Buddhism, I'd suggest you read it too. The prophet (saw) used to meditate in a cave infact, I'm not saying go be a Buddhist and say OM while levitating, no, but what we should gain is an understanding that we need time to reflect and become one with our souls, to allow us to dispel our bad habits and control our nafs.  

Sources: Smedt, de Marc: In The Footsteps Of The Buddha


Treaty of Hudaibiyyah

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Today I wanted to discuss the Treaty Of Hudaibiyah, if you are unaware of what I am talking about inshaAllah this will be useful.

So what I found out from a talk today and also my own research into it, is that there was disputes among the Muslims and the quraysh and eventually for the benefit of the quraysh (as the Muslims time and time again had shown they were peaceful to not only the quraysh but also other non muslim tribes)  they signed a treaty which concluded as follows. (See image) 

So from these terms you may realise they were slightly better for the quraysh than they were for the Muslims, and even some sahabahs were shocked that the prophet (saw) had chosen to sign such a treaty however you may find that in hindsight it benefitted the Muslims largely. Anyhow after this treaty was signed or before it was signed but discussed, Abu Jandal escaped from Makkah but in honouring the treaty the prophet (saw) returned him however he did say '... Allah will provide for you...(a)means of escape.' To which we later see the wisdom as it works out to benefit the Muslims largely. Also the treaty did not include men therefore women were technically exempt from the treat which meant any women migrating to Madinah did not have  to be returned. As well as that the establishment of the peace treaty allowed the prophet to spread dawah this is shown in the fact that 2years after the treaty the prophet (saw) had 10,000 men with which previously he had 1,400 (before the treaty) this not only shows the political pride of the quraysh deterioting but them essentially losing power.

What we see here is a strategic move by the prophet (saw) and although it appeared like a bad decision the outcomes largey helped to propagate Islam and strengthen the islamic state. Lastly we see that those that feld Makkah were not able to seek refuge in Madinah but ultimately they did not have to go back to Makkah so what started off as one man, (Abu Baseer RA) eventually turned into a fair sized colony this led them to effectively intervene in quraysh caravans, so much so that the quraysh begged the prophet (saw) to take them in, which essentially meant they themselves went back on the treaty they had set out. 

This treaty was important due to several reasons, first being it allowed the prophet (saw) the ability to spread Islam effectively without hassle from the quraysh, as well as isolate the Jews from Khabar. It also destroyed the Quraysh image as they were forced to negotiate and allowed public opinion to be spread amongst non muslim tribes. This essentially allowed widespread propaganda of the true message of Islam and brought forth a strengthening for the rise and conquering of the Islamic state. 

Please also inshaAllah watch the cod video explaining the hudaibiyyah treaty (explained very well )which helped me write this article. 

Sources: Mubarakpuri-Al, Rahman-Safiur :Sealed Nectar


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dracula Untold


You may have heard of a new film out in cinemas. 'Dracula untold' is the name, but do you know the actual origins of Dracula and that he was real?

Many will be aware of the new Hollywood film which has been recently released entitled: ‘Dracula Untold’. It might not be well known that, supernatural powers aside, the tale of Dracula is actually based on a real person. Unfortunately however, this film is such a fictitious remake that it speaks volumes about the rise of Islamophobia as well as it does about the West’s attempts to seek to rewrite history by glamourising mass murders whilst peddling the fear of the ‘Muslim invaders’. What follows is a summarised account of the real, well-known history of Dracula...

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 Source: http://www.islam21c.com/islamic-thought/dracula-hollywoods-new-desperate-attack-on-islam/

Sunday, 19 October 2014

News Update

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I am sorry for hardly posting, I have been studying and I have more duties at home now.
Not that it's an excuse, I made this blog so I should be consistent.
I think I'm losing ideas, I'm not as practical anymore, mainly because I've realised not all problems can have solutions from other people..I.e me. There's emotions I've felt and experiences I've been through, though I've recovered. I couldn't honestly say how I got there, and I hate that. I hate that I can't help you, the reader through your struggle. I just don't know if I am in a position to give advice, when I can't even coherently give the advice.

Well I have an idea. I do government and politics right, so we have to discuss the news everyday, so I could give you a news update with an Islamic perspective, while I think of Islamic solutions to your individual problems. Okay so recently there's talk of Conservative and Labour manifestos right, MIlband got slaughtered for missing out the deficit which in fairness Ed balls already mentioned but anyhow now you have Cameron jumping on the bandwagon about EU, which obviously an attempt at decreasing attention for UKIP. Then you have talk of cutting taxes and mansion tax, which might as well be called Zakat because that's what it is, Mili Islam thought of your solutions years ago. 

Anyway though the conservatives make a logical argument, I still don't see how they will reduce the deficit, they may be gunning for Miliband but in reality, them cutting taxes will just make us pay more tax on other things. Though cleverly they haven't mentioned. You musta heard about the Sun Sex Sting in the news right? The MPs got caught up in sending pictures to a fake woman who was actually a Sun journalist. The hilarity of it. We choose these people to run our country. 

That is why you don't get man to rule, because man errs and clearly these men fall far too deep. 
Yet when religion comes into question. No, not possible! The audacity, religion, God who created us. He know how to rule us perfectly? What a question! 

The thing is. In some cases I agree with actions being implemented by MPs, but in general I still see the flaws, those cracks aren't going away, they will just get bigger I'm afraid. Zakat balances the wealth. What doesn't make sense about that? If you don't pay towards the poor how will we ever maintain equality? Honestly it really does show you how much the private businesses control society because it's obvious the mansion tax will never go through what with the political parties being endorsed by these businesses.

Yet people know this, but they choose to remain in the fog, if only you would walk out of the box that limits you , it's just a line on the floor people! Walk over it!

For now, I don't have much else to talk about. Till next time..


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The battle, I face

Though I respond in such a way
I don't feel what I say
It's hard to remove 
This stone
All alone.

That's something I was thinking about right now.
If you understand what it means maybe you feel like that too, so maybe this might help you.
A series of tackling depression, it's easy to think that as Muslims we shouldn't get depressed, after all we have Islam which in itself is the solution to everything. And I don't doubt that for one minute yet I and my pathetic mind are two different entities. Though this may sound contradicting it's actually not, what I mean is my soul understands it but my actual mind does not, it falters to understand how I can get over grief or emptiness through spiritual enlightenment.

Just recently I was reading about Buddhism and the eight fold paths, which I found interesting. I also found some of Buddhas philosophy quite similar to Islam, combatting the nafs is central to Buddhism as in Islam, though Buddhism is heavily spiritual it simply is that and nothing else. Which undoubtedly fails to meet the requirements of our other needs.

This being said, I have found my will to persevere has rapidly changed, whether I knew it or not. I am not the same person I was. I give up easier in religion than I do in academics yet before I gave up with academics rather than religion.

You don't need to give up any, but that's irrelevant to my point, my point is, depression has been with me for while now, let's say about 3/4 months, and at the worst of times I hate everyone and everything, and other times I just feel numb.

I was able to get over things quicker before. To continue being a better person, before. But now I don't know how to. I feel like every time I try. I fail. Which makes me not want to try. I don't justify my depression in any way, I don't believe I'm justified to feel sad, however odd that sounds, I don't have a reason. I believe it to be my nafs, which I combat, or try to.

The pursuit of happiness, once I did, achieve happiness. No longer, it remains. 

Well how am I feeling now? I feel alright, not bad really.
What do I have to complain about. Honestly? I don't know, I don't know. I think it's emptiness as a result of lacking in my deen. The best thing to do, is to distract yourself with duties, be it work or cleaning, don't allow yourself to think about it.

The sad reality of this all, is that I clouded by my own blindness fail to see shaytans plan, his twisting smile, and laughter mocking me, and there God is wanting to embrace me. 

I want to point out something, don't leave all your duties in Islam however much you want to run away from everything, don't. Don't be that person that runs away from your problems, face them. And never ever think you can't rely on God even if you feel like the worst person in the world. Just...don't.

Ok? Just stop. And breathe. Take a minute if you need to, shout, scream. Just don't rush anything, and always, always let logic take over emotions. Never act on impulse. Please.


(Excuse syntax and grammar errors I was writing this in my state of confusion)