Thursday, 21 January 2016

Little things add up

Something I realised a while ago but forgot to write down, is that little sins eventually turn into a big sin. 

Let's say for example you pray and engage in daily worship, heck you don't just do it, you like doing it. But then you still occasionally talk to guys in class, you guys sometimes hang out, although there's no feelings or whatever you wann say you do feel a little bad at times.

What is so IMPORTANT , is that you cut off all sins. No matter how small, you should stop. I'm telling you even if you hold no feelings, you either will, or they will, or some drama or another will arise form this friendship, for the sake of Allah leave it. 

You don't realise how all these little sins build up, and eventually turn into one big sin. So avoid it, be strict with yourself and don't think 'it's harmless'.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

It's not only the little things

As I've mentioned a lot, I believe it's important to be less excited about the Dunya and more about Islam, there are a number of ways you can do this.

Firstly by getting excited about things in Islam. Like Friday's- (yes it's the end of the week) but it's also Jummah and a day where we should try to make lots of dua to Allah particularly between asr and Maghreb. Also a good day to groom ourselves and givecharity -a day solely for contemplation.

Also how about optional fasting I think this helps you to be more grateful about small things because you are grateful for food and you are more conscious of Allah. 

Attending talks aswell as reading Islamic books that are thought provoking, keeping yourself busy with exercise as well as maybe brushing up on tajweed.

The sole aim is to make yourself happier with simple things. Simple things from Islam, that way you are more appreciative. 

I am aware it is more easier to talk about when you have free time on your hands. But if you don't have as much time as me( if you're a college uni or full time worker) you could just try optional fasting because that doesn't require time. And I'd say if you can, attend Jummah but if you can't you can still do the sunnahs of Friday. 

You also can read thought provoking books to and from journeys as for excercise I think it's important for your mental wellbeing so even once a week or 20minutes a day in the morning or something would definitely help.

Also prayer- when we pray we should make an effort to look nice. As in adorn a nice abaya maybe put some attor on (not on a abaya you wear out) use miswak make sure you're prayer mat is on something soft like a blanket unless you have a carpet so you're not touching down on hard ground. Maybe light a nice smelling candle- make your room nice and warm... That's what I do anyway and it puts me in a good mood to pray and I feel much more concentrated and excited to pray. 

I remember when I was in college I had this problem with praying. I was so focused on my work I couldn't completely give my attention to prayer but it is really important to forget worldly matters when praying so you can really connect with Allah. Otherwise it's pointless. Just think about it like this whatever revision or homework that needs doing will still be there after prayer you thinking about it is simply aiding Shaytan in his motive to distract you- and in order to really be successful in your affairs, you must trust in God and pray to Him instead of worrying or dwelling. 

Well that's all....

So wasalaam 

Some smelling dwelling

So I realised that over time it got harder to practise Islam, not like the basics but to really perfect my character. I realised that this was inevitable,( as I already talked about ) but I also realised that to help perfect my character I needed motivation and a good mood to which there are many different therapies for.

Like pets, pets are said to be therapeutic and as a Muslim the only one that comes to mind is a cat but as my brother really hates cats I don't know if I'll be allowed maybe when I get married... 

Also I've found babies are quite calming and relaxing- usually helps with my mood. As well as the use of incense and scented candles like the other day I bought a jasmine and gardenia candle and it smells divine and it honestly does help me feel more positive. I also bought lemon lavender and Kilimanjaro stars (fresh mountain smell) candles from Yankee Candles. I love anything that smells natural or fresh.

I also bought a few oils. Like Ylang ylang and miroamia? Oil from Holland and Barrett which have a very relaxing smell , I usually apply them and try to meditate or wear a face mask (Korean face sheets are the best, particularly pure source and holika holika) with calming music -really helps to relax and take away stress. Especially someone who worries a lot.

I also bought lavender bath bars from Lush and lavender is meant to be good for mood so that helped as well. I basically surround myself in nice smells because I'm very big on smells- smells can instantly help my mood and make me feel motivated.

I also bought some vitamins because I often feel tired so I've been having vitamin b12, vitamin D, folic acid and valerian root (helps anxiety and sleep) which has helped me I do feel more energetic and I don't get anxious as much. And because I love lotions I bought a few smelling lotions and rose water... 

So see what you think, you may not be big on smells but you never know. Most people are I think, you may see a difference in your attitude but more likely people with anxiety will benefit. 



Often I try to think of ways to begin a post without it being too forced. But then me even thinking about it is a little forced...

Well anyway I've been thinking about this Dunya and how easy it is to be attached to it. Not even in an overt way like being money driven or obsessed with fashion but even like possessive over your things- that to me is attached to the Dunya.

What I mean is we should get to a point where we have no 'belongings' they are ours of course but we have no sadness when we lose them or even if someone else wants them. 

I believe when you truly detach yourself from everything, items, aspirations and so on you feel more able to concentrate on Allah. That is not to say we can't like having things or having aspirations but we should feel no regret not having them because Allah should be enough. 

It's just reliance on God really, when you have nothing you can't leave- you are really a stranger in this world aren't you? And we are meant to be strangers aren't we?

I found an awesome quote to sum it up, from our beloved prophet (SAW) 'I have nothing to do with this world. The parable of me and this world is like a rider who rests in the shade of a tree , then he passes on it and leaves it" 

-narrated by At Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah