Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wisdom for life

Im not a fashion blogger but I do like fashion. Interesting fact for my readers who havent been around for a while, this blog was intially a fashion blog but after consideration I changed it to a lifestyle/islamic blog. So there it is, i mean ive always had a liking for fashion and today i thought id mix it up a bit and give my readers some tips/tricks for fashion styling.

1)buy essential pieces so you dont end up buying lots of random bits and bobs. Essentials from plain white shirt(cotton,chiffon whichever) basic trench/overcoat, nice flats (pointy, strappy) ((buy these from primark or newlook ((theres a sale!)they are less expensive than the current rate for nice flats, basic colour wide leg /skirts, some general hijabs. Once you have them just mix and match! You could buy a few of each of these in different colours so that way you have different arrangements.

2) i find personally newlook do nice shoes whether its heels or flats i love their range and the sizing is good for me (size 3) they also always have a wide range compared to other stores. Specifically i go to the westfield one! Primark in ilford also have a good range of shoes but only shoes anything else is not good.As for jackets/overcoats boohoo have a nice range of the ones everyone is wearing but its not as cheap looking as the market ones. As for hijabs i like chiffon so inayah or florinaboutique is good. They have a few in ilford mall i cant remember where exactly but they have it in the scarf stall (its quite long). But you could also just buy georgette material from markets and wear them. Alternatively just buy the ones from whitechapel market. For shirts,trousers etc. My sister recommends primark in romford they have a wider range that usually have a lot more than the other east london branches. Lastly, blazers. The best blazers in my opinon you can find are in forever 21.

3) to change the way you wear a shirt tuck in one side and leave other out. Or tuck it all in and make it loose by pulling some out. Or even tie the front up in a knot. Wear a tshirt undearneath and dont do the buttons up on the shirt (more casual)

4) add heels to any look to make it look more dressy.

... Yeah i dont have anymore.

       I thought i had more when i first started writing guess not. Anyway ill leave you with this exciting information. Ciao

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Meeting the 16year old me

Ive never realised how careless I was when I was 16. How one silly ignorant thought determined my future. I know its a part of my future my decisions also affect which direction (but of course the destination is confirmed by fate). I have grown I have more left(in wisdom!) and Im hoping ill be more cerebal in my decision making this time I make a life determining decision.

When I was 16 and we had started talking about colleges I was extremely excited so much so from14 or so I used it to get me through hard times in school, life you name it. When I had hardly any friends and my day was spent achingly in the library walking the halls aimlessly with nothing to do, i would think, im going to go college and itll be different ill have friends and ill enjoy myself. 

My loneliness was probably the biggest factor that made me want to go to college so bad. I idealised it so much in my head that I would sacrifice everything for it. Thats why i opted for a not so well known, average, college when I could have applied for better instituitons. I couldve but I didnt because I thought those colleges dont let you have fun, I cant be miserable again i already went through years of loneliness. 

So hell bent on having a good time i chose my own destruction. It was that college that distracted me from studying (of course with the friends i made there). I wish I hadnt tried to cure my loneliness with people or even been so affected by being 'seen as a loner' that i went to such measures.

Its odd isnt it? The things we lack, the things we are insecure about usually fuel us to make sure it doesnt happen again but for me personally its always too far. So I wanted to say , 'Hey, its okay, dont worry, youve grown. Youre strong and youre doing so well. Im so proud. Slow down, you are great i am telling you no matter what anyone says you dont need to prove yourself to anyone. You have the power to how you see yourself!' 

Yes that was a message to myself but to all others who have been insecure,lacked something in their life and then tried to make up for it later on. Lets all be strong and help eachother. Ive learnt something else too, i dont really expect help i dont mind helping others but the truth is whether we like or not, we cant rely on others. Even in my depression and anxiety, I went through mental difficulties which I overcame by myself. My family did support me but ultimately it was me.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Dealing a Deck

Hey to the hi to hizz house,

How are you fine folks today? I dont know about you but today or even yesterday had made me realisr how much of an utterly rubbish human being I am. Being around friends, family heck in retrospect maybe even a few dramas ive come to a great realisation.

I dont deal with bad events in my life all too well (heck who does?) what i mean is i break down and sadly enough i think i victimise myself aswell as exaggerate the situation. Here I was thinking I am strapped with tools for life when the most important isnt even there! Its good in a way, learning is always good keeps us humble. Not that i need any more reasons to feel inadeqaute, but hey the more the merrier (does that even apply here?)

Its sad i always thought i knew how to deal with everything turns out theres a better way to deal with problems. It goes a little something like this keeping your head held high, not letting it affect you, continuing in your struggle and giving it your all. The biggest thing is learning, learning how to deal with everything. My friend told me learning to deal with problems is a bit like the beginning of our transition into adulthood, therefore adulthood i salute you.

I admire it, you know the way some are so expertly able to deal with things in a way that comes so naturally, i admire that my friends in fact have harder struggles than me but are happier than me. It gives you hope and courage that one day youll be able to be like them.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

keeping my eyes wide open

I know I havent posted in a while the reason being I had no 'advice' or wisdom shall I say to impart. Today I came back from my sister's house- she lives in West London. It was refreshing to say the least. Its actually strange I honestly didnt even know my mind was so cloudy or bogged down. The only reason I knew was because when I came back I felt so much more happier or relieved? Whichever it was it helped.

Thats the thing I think it often happens to us all, we are so wrapped up in our lives and the constant negativity we feel its normal or rather we are so accustomed to it we know no bette how to overcome it. Its not that we dont want to sometimes we dont even know how to help ourselves.

Think to yourself. When you wake up every day how do you feel? How do you feel about challenges in your life? Do you ever feel genuinely happy? It is a sad truth that I am not always genuinely happy. But its not because im ungrateful sometimes its our minds and the constant cycle we are feeding. We need to break it. How?

Do things that scare you. Theme parks, leading a project but..
 It doesnt have to be big. As funny as it may sound watching a scary movie helps me. Thats probably why I am a bit of a horror addict.

Connect with Nature. Its so important to just see nature. Theres so much profound beauty in nature its unbelievable. I like watching the water move in lakes and seas. I like watching flames too, i could sit there for hours just watching.

Indulge in your personality. What i mean by that is if you are an introvert, take time alone. ( i can help you out there im hugely introverted) whether its reading or going cinemas alone do what makes you happy, what gives you peace of mind. But if youre an extrovert maybe organise a get together hang out with loved ones have a meaningful conversation with someone. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Take a week to just relax dont do any chores or bogged down serious stuff just have fun. I mean it you deserve a break, you might think youre okay but youre subconscious disagrees with you!

Stop thinking so much (in regards to responsibilities, stresses, and whatever takes up your thoughts)and if you dont already, well done! Im super happy for you!

Try and do headstands(do it with caution and learn how to do it the right way using step by step guides) they are good for digestion, blood flow and relieving stress and anxiety!(i started today will let you know how it goes!)

Dont bottle up your anger (this is more for introverts) that is not to say release it on whom so ever treads in your path but release through other means
 Whether you rant to a friend, or cry about it, or even write about it, do it! But ive found talking about it helps. You could do all of them! Karaoke is good for that aswell I suppose sing away your anger!(in your worst voice!)

Start doing things for yourself as well as for others!its important we remember ourselves but also others.

Lastly think carefully about the direction of your life. Are you going where you want to? If you are not, think about how you change that.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Lessons to learn

I read a book called stone cold by Robert Swindell. It was about homelessness, I have never read a book about homelessness so it was refreshing. It certainly made me think about my attitude to homelessness and question why I see it they way I do. 

I am glad I was able to see it from another perspective because although it was fiction it's very possible it's similar to those experiencing homelessness. 

Although it was a short book it made me think a lot, and it's been a long time since a book made me think. Think about my actions, the way I treat others, the way others view themselves. 

I used to think being homeless was unfortunate I have never been horrible to anyone on the streets, only sceptical. 
The reason being, there are many people who scam others for addiction and extra money, and this over time has made me sceptical to majority of the people asking for money. Aswell as the worry that if I give some ill be followed or hassled for more.

Despite this the book has made me consider a few things  1) my perceptions are good for me but ultimately effect the person who is rejected, with this perception I keep myself in a bubble with no want to help others 2) I am shutting out the people who may really need help 3) a pound or ten pence can make a difference to someone homeless 
4) the people who need help are not at fault, and neither are the people who are addicted it's a dog eat dog world although I don't want to fuel an addiction , it's important to realise people are people we all need love and understanding (not to say I should give money for addiction I'm just saying) And therefore they shouldn't be judged.

I felt sad at the end of the book because Link doesn't get off the streets and stupidly we expect a happy ending because it's a fiction book, but the reality is it doesn't happen, once homeless it's hard to get off without help. Without support, without being clean or help from
The government how do people get jobs or a place to stay? What if the government decide you don't meet the requirement  for support because you 'made yourself homeless'.

What exactly does 'make yourself homeless' mean? What if you live in an abusive household and you run away? Is that really a choice? As a child you receive help but what if you don't know where to go? What if you get evicted because of a drug addiction? Addictions are hard to overcome without the proper help and support. See these government guidelines are black and white and they don't look at the grey, and this where problems happen.

I think even when I'm on the train and I see beggars I don't look down on them, no, god no. I think's a hard life, but then it's harsh, ignoring homeless people like they don't exist. It's sad. And we should acknowledge it. Hiding from it doesn't solve it. We are all afraid of being fooled. I think we all think like that, we are all sceptics , it's this rational world. World of 'science' with our evolved thinking and our street smarts, 'we know they're liars '.

But before we run off with our revolutionarised thoughts it might be good to think about all the positives caring and kindness does as much as cautiousness and knowing your stuff is good it makes us heartless too, now in this world, heartlessness gets money but not happiness. Give me a million pounds and I would reject it for happiness and I can guarantee you would too. 

So how about this, how about maybe we give them a chance, maybe find out before we judge, I'm not exception I need some courage too, because I'm shy I don't ask, I suppose I assume, but one assumption can lead to generalisations and they re never good.

One act follows many, and so I hope we can all get courage to care more and grow with the people we live with, in this scary world. And maybe we can all get a little bit of happiness.