Sunday, 23 July 2017

The girl that died

There is a Greek myth of a girl that died and her belongings were left on the ground and because the basket was so heavy the acanthus plant grew outwards but the top remained flat, and that is why the Corinthian structure looks the way it does. (according to the myth)

Yes, there's no story of why the girl died, who this girl is, etc. etc. information that would be very informative and useful only that she died. Sorry folks, that's the myth, I didn't get much from the Greeks!

Update: I've been self-studying on Khan Academy, Art History in fact, I've always been fascinated by Art and History and I realised there's a thing called Art History! They have exams and all sorts, really interesting and I've been really enjoying it! There's no commitment to it, so even if I lose interest or give up, its down to me which is good. I didn't always like mythology but I've come to really like it.

 I like the fact that I know these cool random facts, reminds me of someone who used to tell me random                                   facts. 
                            I know I'm being so vague, who is this person that used to tell me random facts?! When did this happen? And why haven't I, the ever loyal writer updated you? Well it's not like me to hide things, or act like I don't want to talk about it. I do, I do want to talk about it, first though. I need to say I'm no role model, I have my flaws so don't always take my word. I know I have wise sayings (COUGH COUGH, DO YOU?) but this blog is really just an outlet its not meant to influence in a bad way, take the good and leave the bad. 

This blog has become very similar to IV which isn't a bad thing, it's because I've changed. Also my style of writing, what I write about has also changed. Its become about me, which again isn't bad. I promise, all that has happened will be revealed. In pieces. I have no idea, what will happen. But if i'm honest sometimes it hurts, other times its alright. I am excited about everything in my life, i'm excited about life in general. All the opportunities and hopes and dreams. I have a lot to tell you.

This post is very muddled there's no real moral of the story, take what you will, reader. I'll leave you with something someone said to me, you should know your heart; it should be content, no need for want, happy to be without and no attachment to a person or thing, happy with God and yourself.