Assalaamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

This section is dedicated to Islamic Poems written by yours truly. I hope you enjoy these, but if you have any constructive criticism please do share! Any thoughts on them would be great too!

The light that is cast upon me
Is it real?
Is it casting light?... Or darkness
Is it bringing me out of the depth or pulling me further
The glow ,gleam
Of its light
Is it beautiful
Or is it that which I do not see
The darkness that surrounds me
In my mind
Or what shaytan left behind?
The face which I see
Or concealed
Of which I cannot see
The sounds
Of my ears
Are they real
Or is it that which I long to hear?
Words spoken.
Yet they are broken.

The life I live.
For myself.
Nooone else?
Yet my heart
Stops every moment
I hear Allah.
Proof of creation?
Proof of creator!
The sun that I see is it the same you see
The imaan I feel
Please tell me you feel that too.
My hearts changed
By Allah I never want in
On what I had before
For what I have now is certainly worth more.
Those questions I never answered
Those answers that never made sense
Ya Allah what you have granted me.
Is peace in my heart for eternity.

I feel the love
For the prophets and
For everythng
You give me
Every day.
That peace
Do you see it?
Can you smell that sweet honeycomb?
Of imaan?
Of ibadah?
Of love for Allah ?
Do you hear what I hear?
The words I hear.
The heart I have
The love
I have now
Feel what I feel
For what I feel
Is conquering
All of which you feel.
The only difference is mine is real.

Do you feel that breeze of
The siren of the akhira?
The tweet of the skies?
The glass of heaven'
The immortal eyes?
Do you see the world
In its form
Or do you see that which does not conform?
The fire of hell every time
Its warm?
The sweet honey of heaven?
The blessings of Allah?
Do you see which I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Do you realise now,
That life is bound.
The akhira
Is profound
And everyone
Will taste death
Do you see your life flashing before you'?
Cries of repentence
Too little too late
Be honest and follow the nabi saw before your date.

~~~~~~~~My Final Fate~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alhamdulilahir Rabeel Alameen
Ar Rahmaneer Rahim
If you believe in eternity
Don't set stone in half cement
Do you accept what has went?
A mercy that
Looks across the widest shores
Look for the lost seamen
Do you see them?
It was, A Decree- The
Call for help in a echoless cave
With bats for company
Sitting beside your grave
Were you betrayed?
Tawhid, inevitably, in What
Did you reflect the moons light
On the shore
To cause the hurricane to
blow the wind in your hand
Did you do what you set out to do?
Is your belief still in stone
Or has it grown
Do you know of a lion?
If you do please
Inform the lion that there is a bigger roar
Than his.
Severe it is.
Please tell
The ant that his house will break.
Under His wrath,shall he take
The wealthy that they will be bankrupt
The vain that their looks will fade
Dont forget
The good. will receive its dues
And nothing will be set without
The tide  setting
The sun  rising
The moon shining
Allahu Akbar
And Allah'sQadr
Is in this All
Forget, what you see
Belief in the Almighty
Has changed the book
Your writing
The pen
Is dried
So let it be sublime
From Al Jalil
And be guided to Siratul Mustaqeen
Faith: it be in your life.
Alhamdulilahir Rabeel Allameen
~~~~The Rising~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
There will be no peace
There will be no rest
We will not stand with the West

We fight against
Them all
We are keen
For Siraatul Mustaqeen

And there will be victory
For the muslims

The tide is rising
A storm is brewing
Thunder is approaching
& Islam will conquer all

We unite for Islam
...They are disappearing,
They will be down, on their knees shall they crawl

Khilafa is here
And that is best
For it is true, lest they forget.
And Allah knows best.

----------------A Question-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sisters can I ask you something?
Or m
aybe something more?
Do you love Allah as much as this Dunya?
If you do, then how do you show it?
Are you underlining the words if you do? 

Is your or my love greater than Allah's?
Are you wondering why I am asking these questions everybody knows the answers to?
Do you know the real answer? Or are you confused?
Am I making sense? 

-------------Lifes this way ---->-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sleeping tonight
In my warm bed
Its easy to forget outside
My window
The shots fired
Im just so tired

Tomorrow I'm raising money
There's no other way
Except to say
Tough luck guys
I wish it wasn't this way

Hey it's not so bad
I heard they get Jannah
Win-win hey? 

Plus the UN
And US have tried their best
So we should all take a rest!

At first I was angry too,
But I know they have told Israel to stop
And we all know bosses will stop workers pay
So fair play
US and UK

You did good, and oh yeah
All the arab countries we are so proud to
Have countries
Like you
Running like dogs

After bones
Good boy, you!

So..it turned out great for us all..
Not those behind walls
And those dying
And tortured
And crying
And shouting for help
But...that's not seen or heard
So its okay?

I might go to a protest soon
To show support and stuff
Been getting hassle from fans
So might be a chance to.wear my.new ray bans!
How do you like my i-care-about-palestinians ootd?

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